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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

Trumpets blare in the distance,
Sauron is smirking without heart,
cruel plans to burn that resistance
with unimmaginable darkened art.

Oh, what is it to be an Eye AllSeeing
to gather all connections there are,
but not to help them, never freeing.
Just ways to torture eternally in war.

Not even war, it is a prison,
where he'd abduct all innocent folks.
I saw it myself, it's beyond seen reasons,
he'd really unleash a portal to his brutal jokes.

Laugh now, my cutthroat Anniechlem.
I love your merciless and bloody veins.
If I declared you the most cunning of all of them?
Would you justice respect in your reigns?

I know you wisdom possess.
Justice to you is also known.
But you need to be impressed?
By intelligence unbiased shown...

What a thrilling immagination, Sass.
However, people would hurt, no shame.
I'd imagine it all, too, in my brain, alas.
For no one deserves mere sensation of pain.

This is what it's all about.
When victims scream for mercy.
That's the utterance they shout.
"Please, Dark One, don't hurt me!"

The key to your satisfaction.
The honey if your ears could eat this sweet.
But, hey, the longer the horrible action...
The more undeserved fates you beat.

We were promised eternity and dreams.
Therefore, I'd ask you, as a Ruler Just!
Please don't kill God, Gabriel's tears are beams,
If I gave you the best trousseau, I woud trust

that you would spare our lives,
even if it was a crime that makes you jizz.
If I married you, the Ring, your wife
would expect that you had all the fun... but this.

It's way too much, for us, merriest angels.
We just like to play and dance.
We'd befriend you, dark saints that anal
pleasures prefer than rather hear us, for once.

We'd invite you to jingle and sing
a Cyprian prayer along with us, lovers,
it purifies, it has a scent, and you have wings,
we are unbiased, the church is just a gothic undercover.

Yes, whatever's done outside,
is meant to stay there too.
You could heal and it would feel divine,
no one minds you, although cruel.

Please love us, as we love you.
Just let's be interesting together.
If Gabriel said you've defeated his clue,
Won't you fantasize with us, who's better?

At making original mixes,
at creating newer skies,
oh ruthless master of trickses...
Non-believing you is justified!

What is it a Maia spirit?
How strong could a soul be, your crafting blaze?
This fire, wits and merits...
You, Sassy... I'd trust you always anyways.

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