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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

I was roaming in the sky,
searching for my memory,
when I saw serious eyes,
furrowed eyebrows cleverly

remided me of a phrase simple,
it's called exactly eagle vision,
that in sapients I praise, I twinkle,
for responsibilities divine and intuition...

I heard the Manwe song,
The Ainurs' Eldest One,
the Chief of Instruments belongs
to countering immaculate, the plan,

that unveils slowly but steady,
Melkor caused discord,
but someday Unity'll be ready,
compassionate at core.

You, the Ruler of Arda,
glow with Radiance so gentle,
kind as the heart of Varda,
your twin flame elemental...

You are so good at your cord,
that you initially deemed
Melkor as sick with ilness stored,
you believed him, as you dream

that his contrition is real,
foretold to manifest...
encaptivated, Melkor kneeled....
I saw God's Triunal light so blessed

to be emitted with wisdom,
the secrets of a God Creator
and yes... your holy kingdom -
is a righteous legislator.

When I look at your Icon,
I feel a desire to be purified,
my innocence does ligthen,
controlled by healing sights...

I love you, dear Manwe - I do plead.
You .. are pure and an ideal.
Please, don't ever breed
with those who try to steal

your essence ~ angel's blueprint;
like Arien, the Lady that's Pristine.

Your fragrance - healthy mint.


Lord Manwe knows no sin...

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