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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

Shadow laying blame unfathomed,
yet life still has to be lived;
when a deed's been done by a brothered,
probably you won't upheave...

A curse on your kin is still there,
even if you indirectly are involved,
the lingering sensation do you bear
for the Doom of the Noldor is foretold.

You must have a strong heart.
Separation of the family crestfallen
weighs on the smiles from the day's start;
yet you have the strength to call in

choice ~ is it the beloved elleth
or your people shamefully exiled?
You shall bear a fate 'till death,
for Aman was closed to returns reconciled.

Even your father turned back home,
mortified by Feanor's treachery,
Amarie and Finarfin's faces you alone
will remember when singing, in archery,

when reading poems, or building realms,
when taking decisions as a ruler just,
yet could someone tell it overwhelmes
your heart as light as golden trust.

Hunting with Maglor and Maedhros
is definitely fun as always it is,
yet what called your presence near those
humans, that sang under the trees?

What a different presence;
the language was not acquainted;
but the songs were a pure pleasance,
for they honour radiated, untainted.

What does a human of ageing crude
feel in the appearane first in glance
of an Elven immortal sage in prelude
introducing his music, of Ea's expanse.

A story of amiability and peace,
as calm and legendary as the stars
of that night of myths that quiesce,
meant to end, memorial charms.

He patiently learnt the thesaurus theirs,
he taught them Sindarin and Elven ways,
he got permission from Thingol's airs
to guide them to Estolad, to meet new days.

Barahir of Beor's House of humans,
saved his life in the battle of Dagor
Bragollah, where Noldor's doom is,
he Gave him his Home's Ring he wore.

Barahir bore a son, Beren.
With Thingol's Luthien in love he was.
Thingol told him to be carrying
a Silmaril from Morgoth's crown because

the Elvenking didn't guess
this could ever be done.
Luthien he promised, he professed ~
instead Beren would be gone.

Yet Finrod helped Beren's Quest,
encaptivated after all he got,
in Epic Musical Battle it would manifest,
But Sauron did better his lyrical thought.

Gorthaur The Enemy of Wrong Clause
didn't discover their purpose or names,
so he left them at the werewolves' maws
but Finrod's power gathers and aims

to rupture the chains by his bare skin,
this is the valor of his spirit and body,
and he slew the canine with hands and teeth thin,
but himself he got wounded as to disembody!

This is how Finrod Felagund passed.
Yet he to Valinor was back allowed.
To be with Amarie, yes, at last!
The wedding bells still reverbarate the vow...

The Undying Land retrieved its son.
Happiness for the promised hearts...
eventually True Love for once won...
And this story is seen in all stars...

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