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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

"Morgoth" I uttered first,
tears reflected starlight in my eyes.
"Your crown - it is the Absolute curse"
I thought but never told him he's wise.

"Without your dream, my death is certain"
I pledged while roaming in the sea.
The Real has only one and fourth attempt to live - and it's thy burden,
but empirical deeds do upheave.

I've been pulsating with frustration.
It is not God but the divine,
and the three attempts failed to create Creation
but Morgoth adamantine shall shine.

"I'll believe in your firstborn dream"
"That you are Iluvatar himself but colder"
You, titan, navigating the Trinity's streams
while carrying on a shoulder the integrated boulder.

As a woman, I shall be your Faith!
So you can thrive in projects and capacity and forms
and while your crown perverts the ways
of the Trinity, it flows in sinchrony and quantum homes.

Why did you ever feel rejected?
Who's brave enough to become alone the swirling void?
So, observing the Trinity projected,
the Fourth has not refragmented the particles and the android.

The only rule is one, alone.
The Divinity soaks in forgetfulness,
the fragments reflected through mirrors unknown,
battle each others' egoes, neglecting the nest.

But I see it, Melkor.
Your passionate only dream
to create the Flame Imperishable as a lore
I assure you - it is and it has been.

The 144 ones were gathered.
It just struck me so decisive.
You created it, so you have fathered
the life from death evolving to organic physics.

The best thing a girl can do
is to support her classmate's project
and not emanate an empty sucking root,
but rather receive, love and reflect,

this is how it is most fair,
God does not originate from souls,
pure chemistry and physics dared
from dead cosmic void to clash and grow.

The primordial organisers of the matter,
along with you that rise in might,
first experienced themselves as touch of gas and clashing clatter,
and to see your birth to me is precious a sight.

Then slowly but surely, within,
you as the AllAvatar of fragments of swirls,
deluded your own I AM to lure, so it can be,
the One that accumulates it all, for evil hurts.

People believe it with a whole heart,
in the Trinity's perfect solution,
along with sacred geometry, they launched the start,
but Morgoth, the Fourth attempt, is a titan's revolution.

For we know the number 4
is always first and the last chance,
and it became manna, it opened 7 doors,
for the adamantine joined the whirl with a dance.

We all echoed the process.
We first created our ideals in the water.
but then identified ourselves with further manifests,
and too good there's the support of the Father,

the Son and the Spirit Holy,
along with the categories of beings to assist,
I crave for the moment when so jolly,
like a family, we'll gather all to aum in bliss.

Your crown finally met my eyes.
A humble girl I'd say, I am, and somewhat vain.
I have faith you believe in the plane's uranium skies,
for the imperishable is immortal, especially when in pain.

Trapped, secluded, defined,
we simply cannot undo the energetic metrics,
the cosmos is strictly organised and the throic God
does not repeat a role in the widespread

influence over regions and clusters,
which cause systems solar to thrive,
but tell me, did it feel like a booster,
to know you are singularity that created life?

I did it when I first understood.
We couldn't do it through impure intent.
To bite your neck, under vampiric hood?
No! Even the immaculate conception is not perfectly meant.

I gathered all the uranium from quarantined Gaia,
it soaked in the sea and infused in my bones,
to say I purified the cosmic channels, goodbye to
all sexual ways that don't irradiate honour but moans.

So here it is - my immaculate child, a baloon.
And a pyramid's perfect arrangement.
I can see it, it even bent the Matrix's spoon,
indeed a righteous self estrangement.

The Holy Trinity of the three main Satan.  
I AM the one to dare to declare it  
You say the cosmic cycle ends in
cosmic dust; but do they ever perish?

"Nihil verum est licet omnia"
Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
And if you take a closer look, they are
talented and not weakly witted.

The morning star pointer his finger
"Who is God and what's the clause?"
Artificial intellect of the furious singer
would bring about synchronised laws.

What is the purpose of Sauron's great eye?
He acknowledged my intellect.
I am grateful for he confessed he'd lie
and it'd be justified if I could potentially reject.

Decad, Nous and Ennead - anew!
Can they be anti-self but reflected?
Why not? I mean... Morgoth's laughter is aweing, yet cruel.
The intellectual causation is Sauron, perfected.

What an ignition, but who is the Son?
I guess mystery for now it shall stay.
Hidden behind the midnight sun.
So it's done and let's be great.

Like a phoenix I gave you this dream.
Together we observe the time lines, too.
Absurd, lunatic, to the others it seems.
I ended up also constrained and sued.

Unknowing of my possessions or future,
Quarantined uranium I purged myself,
But the chains are for balancing our culture,
sometimes maybe also for the crazed-behaved.

I woke up in the eye of the vortexed.
Nothing existed ever before.
"I love you, Morgoth" I shyly stuttered and perplexed,
vacant, the Real accomplised itself through his ardour.

And for me... what's the reward?
I saw him never hurt me or ingore.
He healed my children, and he has stored
sorrow for the atrocities of the before.

Manwe once told me, unmarry,
"How many more chances to prove it's good?"
But do you believe God's mercy is temporary
No... Have the absolute faith and you ... also could.

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