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Cosmological Poems of Middle Earth  by AaronSecret

"Tell me, who is Eru the Creator?"
Who has ever heard of him?
Vague memories gave air to
a space where the faded could sing,

to create a world of itself's perfection,
nothing could repeat the landscape,
therefore, Eru's a Son Co-Ordinating the action
point of the progressive attainment of fate.

"Let's make a mortal of our image Own"
The Father, the Son and the Spirit Holy proclaimed.
The paradise son promised before the Father's throne
to protect his realm from rebellions disdained.

Therefore, if we think a little further
into what the Father really is;
He all-encompasses Havona, the preserver
of All to be but not in the furtherness of his

creation, for he gave the possession
of power to the Sons of the Heaven,
all bowed down to protect their processions.
to create their own image unbreaking.

This is the Bestowal Plan;
the Father can enter through the Thought Adjuster;
but not him, not the Son,
fragmentation is how he can reach the lower clusters.

Therefore, I must have been right,
when I compared Morgoth to the Deity of Absolute;
for the Real is the Void itself in all Its might
trying to regain the fragments so as to compute

who knows what wonder,
who knows to what avail?
But this is what I pondered
and this conclusion prevailed.

In the Plan of the Mercy Ministry,
“Be you perfect, even as I am perfect",
so the Void's black matter chemistry
is Morgoth's heart to bleed and resurrect.

I knew it, Eru's a local Son Coordinator!
Although he resembles the Father,
the latter gathered his powers to the centred nature,
and gave way to the others, the sons brothered.

For we know that the earthly creations
are not of the likeness of the central isle,
nor Havona and its habitants, these foundations
are for the Time and Matter's worlds so wise.

Eru resembles the father in full.
But he's a son, therefore he's not Him in all.
And the fragmented manifestations so cool,
show that Morgoth was reflected with a wrawl.

His own core he eradicated;
so it could be transmutated;
this is where is it rooted;
the uprisings were hence created

for their inspection, agitation,
for excitement and for epos,
for education and frustration,
and for the Melkor's equipose.

No one can really tell
which one of the two methods is better
but giving life to hell
can nigredo the blackness out in the weather.

Just so you know, the fire's now disclosed ~
But the final Word indeed, is the Father's.
So when the poem is finally composed.
Will Melkor find peace, now that he power gathers?

I doubt it, that it will free your sin....
Now that Eru is a local son, you can't.
the Final Fire is the Father's within.
But observe it for long and it shan't

turn into disappointing fight forever;
rather, a phoenix you'll be
or even something new and better, as you're clever.
I'm with you. And we shall see!

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