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Pitfalls of the Palantir  by Haleth 6 Review(s)
aelfwineReviewed Chapter: 5 on 7/24/2011
She was lucky she didn't do a lot more dammage (head shake) skiing into a tree! oof! still great story. Will Inglor end up with the girl eventualy?

Author Reply: Yes. She could have knocked her brains out of her skull. Luckily for her, she wasn't going very fast.

Thanks for reviewing.


ziggyReviewed Chapter: 5 on 6/10/2005
Oh I love Inglor! He is so cool and calm and uttelry bemused by Haleth.. and she is wonderfully stubborn and I so identify with her.. I mean, whay cant he work out what she wants Hm? Isnt is OBVIOUS!!!! But he is male, even if he is an elf.. and they are hopeless at stuff like that.
I love the very literal interpretation of what she says so the spend all their time mystified. Hope this ends with a big snog!
THe skis are a brainwave- the Great Levellers!

Author Reply: Thank-you for the review.

Inglor isn't just male, he's a male elf. That makes twice the confusion whenever he deals with Haleth.

The idea for the skis was inspired by the scene with Legolas running lightly over the snow while everyone else had to slog through it.

While it isn't that difficult to learn to ski, Haleth has only used them once before. She knows just enough to get herself into trouble.


perellethReviewed Chapter: 5 on 6/10/2005
Well, Haleth does have a way with elves, doesn't she? Even when trying to be wicked it simply backfires! :-) I wonder if Inglor's calmness will be finally shattered when he discovers that she traded his silver flask for those skis...

what's going to happen now with the palantir, shall they lose it, or fight for it or....get drunk and throw it away?

Have you read this before? The answer is yes.

I haven't. Just wishful thinking. It is great fun to see Haleth competing alone! for he's not even aware of what she's trying! This is too much fun, you know?

Author Reply: Thank-you for the review.

Haleth tries her darnedest to prove she doesn't need Inglor's help. He truly doesn't understand why she insists on doing things the hard way, but he accepts it. I'd really like to know what was going through his mind.


DaynawaynaReviewed Chapter: 5 on 6/7/2005
heee hee heeee!!! Haleth is such a b..... well, you get it. She's a smart cookie, that's for sure! And now Inglor's upset... good grief! LOL What a pair these two make. And what I really like about it is that Inglor has no concept of how he upsets Haleth, so when she gets the chance to bug him... she knows EXACTLY what she's doing! She's SO bad!

Keep it comin' Haleth! (author AND character!) LOL

OH, and she traded the magic elf juice?? why does that worry me so?

Author Reply: Daynawayna, you're brilliant. I hadn't considered the effect of the T'Ang on the Lossoth before. The idea certainly has the potential to be the base of a short story. Thanks for the plot bunny!


TithenFeredirReviewed Chapter: 5 on 6/7/2005
This chapter was almost all visual for me. Too funny! I could see Haleth toiling and flailing her way through the snow with Inglor lightly treading above. The sound effects were good as well. Especially Haleth's raspberry as she zooms to her doom. Frankly,I'm glad Inglor is losing patience with her. But, something strange is happening, and it has me a bit worried. I'm not at all sure I should confess to this. ...I want to tell Inglor that I hear the bells, too. ~TF

Author Reply: Poor Inglor. He takes every comment in a completely literal way.

He would likely listen very carefully, then tell your ears that there still weren't any bells that far north.


Brenda G.Reviewed Chapter: 5 on 6/6/2005
All right already! When are they going to, you know, KISS EACH OTHER? Or is that something Inglor will also know nothing about??? Haleth seems like a charge-ahead female. Why doesn't she just tackle that gorgeous elf and be done with it?! She has far more restraint that do I.

This is SO FUNNY! Very witty piece. I'm having a blast so far, but can you do me a favor and tell me where you site is so that I can read the entire story. PLEASE??? This waiting for chapters when I know from the other reviewers that the completed tale is out there in cyberland is KILLING ME!

As to the betting, mine are on Haleth! Inglor, beware!

Brenda G.

Author Reply: I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

Why doesn't Haleth simply put Inglor into a lip lock? She's a product of a very different, very old-fashioned culture. As far as she's concerned, women don't do things like that. They also don't wander around the wilderness but (to Haleth's mind) that's different.

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