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Pitfalls of the Palantir  by Haleth 2 Review(s)
perellethReviewed Chapter: 20 on 2/28/2006
forst apologies for missing last chapter, but I've been away for sometime... Dwarves and ELrdon's sons! I don't know hat is more exciting to looking forward to! :-)
But it seems that Inglor and Haleth are slowly getting used to the other's tips... what! Haleth is beginning to speak like an elf! :-) and Inglor is slowly beginning to be mildly sarcastic in a manner she can understand...:-)

I can figure the girls' excitement at the elf's possessions! Adn mercifully, HAleth was spared the agony of explaining "fetish" to the Elf... now that would have been an itnersting conversation! :-)

Author Reply: Thank-you, perelleth.

I guess it was inevitable that Inglor and Haleth would begin to understand how to communicate with each other. Having a common language isn't always enough. They have a completely different frame of reference.

I'm trying to imagine Haleth explaining the word 'fetish' to Inglor. She'd be beet red and he'd be utterly confused. I might have to try that some time.

Thank-you again!


BodkinReviewed Chapter: 20 on 2/15/2006
Poor Inglor. He just doesn't do idiom. Or is he trying to wind up Haleth?

I love her gloomy consideration that he doesn't notice what a mess she is because, to his elegant elven mind, she's always a mess.

And elf souvenir hunting! It's hilarious. I can just see them all hanging round outside his hotel and screaming when this shade wearing megastar pops his head out the window.

And Haleth's sympathies are now with the chambermaid. Understandable. She has enough problems of her own with the elf. But she must feel invisible at times - these girls only see Inglor - and only notice her if they are looking on her as a rival.

Haleth is a very interesting character. Vast experience in vastly unexpected places - with a vast aquaintance. Not What She Seems, I feel.

Author Reply: Thank-you, Bodkin

No, Inglor does not do idiom at all. He seems to be uninterested in trying, which is probably just as well. He'd likely misuse it terribly and wind up with an angry mob, complete with torches and garden implements, chasing him out of town. Although with Haleth's luck, that would be the instant everyone became aware of her instead of Inglor and she'd be the target of the angry mob.

Haleth has led an interesting life; not always an exemplary life, but an interesting life.

Thanks again for reviewing.


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