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Pitfalls of the Palantir  by Haleth 4 Review(s)
aelfwineReviewed Chapter: 22 on 7/24/2011
Typo- "weighs heavily (on) my mind... And Who is Inglor that everyone keeps asking Haleth that?

Author Reply: Fixed the typo. Thank-you!

No one really knows who Inglor is apart from him being Inglor. They're very curious about him, though. People think that Haleth, of all people, should know his true identity. She doesn't of course, but that's partially because she's too stubborn to ask him.

Thank-you for reviewing, Aelfwine.

ziggyReviewed Chapter: 22 on 3/5/2006
I enjoyed catching up with Haleth and Inglor. The style is as witty as ever and made me laugh- thank you! Inglor is getting more and more mysterious- what is interesting is hte change in the power balance once they get to Rivendell- I supose htat is natural, but you have built this up with Haleth's telling Elrohir about his finding her and following her. And the constant questions- do you know who he is... just feeds the mysteries. Haleth has clearly a 'past' but Inglor's naivety is beginnig to feel more than just that... I Like the detaisl that create three dimensions in this, the boots that were made for Haleth give her a past outsdie this tale, but is not the only one. I have such a clear picture of Haleth in my head. Cant wait to find out who inglor is.. and head Haleth's sputtering reaction!

Author Reply: Thank-you, ziggy

This story is a lot of fun to right. It all started out as a joke and very quickly got way out of control.

It's surprising that Haleth doesn't ask Inglor more questions about his background. Maybe she has and he hasn't really answered. For all that he seems naive, he really has a way of directing their conversations into unexpected places...and away from the topic.

Thank-you again for reviewing.


perellethReviewed Chapter: 22 on 3/5/2006
Now! Keep wondering. How old is Haleth?

I suppose it took them some time to recover form her tale, in the Hall of Fire, and I wonder what Inglor made of it.... But surely Elladan got what he deserved. Poor Haleth. She seems to be quite tense and suspicious, maybe seing thing,s although Elrohir's appearance would not do much to appease his nerves, what with his quetions and all...

So he just began to follow her and now she follows him.... Very itnerseting I'd really much like to see hthe background of this post. Meanwhile, i am content to follow them. And I like her more every chapter. DYEt she's so hard on herself! :-)But she managed to catch Elrohir nicely, too! Go HAleth!

Author Reply: Thank-you, perelleth

How old is Haleth? She's older than she looks. She has good reason for being hard on herself.

It would be rather surprising to wake up in the middle of the night and find your host at the side of your bed and in the mood for conversation. I guess Elrohir felt the questions couldn't wait until the morning.


BodkinReviewed Chapter: 22 on 3/3/2006
Haleth seems to be quite well acquainted with the sons of Elrond. And Elladan required a song of her, huh? That story sounds very allegorical - telling Elladan he is looking at the wrong villain, perhaps. I don't know that Haleth is being quite fair to herself in comparing herself to an ugly dog. Or to Inglor in suggesting that he is innocence personified. But maybe I'm reading too much into her tale.

Elrohir's enquiry produced a very interesting reply. I think I'm as intrigued by the characters of Haleth and Inglor as I am by what they're doing!

Author Reply: Thank-you, Bodkin.

That is exactly why Haleth chose that particular story. She can't compare to an elf for beauty, but she has other worthy qualities. Then again, she does seem overly sensitive to insult while she's in Rivendell.


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