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Pitfalls of the Palantir  by Haleth 7 Review(s)
BodkinReviewed Chapter: 33 on 4/29/2006
The poor Dunedain. Every time they get somewhere, they are sent somewhere else. On a giant trail of Chinese Whispers.

Froi at least does know what he is seeking. Whether he'll get it ... And Inglor working at a forge! With silver, perhaps?

Lithul - unemotional, uninvolved - seeking only revenge. H'mm. Lots of threads. All twisting together with Haleth's.

Author Reply: Thank-you, Bodkin

Halmir has a thankless task. He could look at it as an opportunity to touch base with most of Gondor's potential allies in the northern part of Rhovanion.

Froi will likely see more of Middle-earth than he was ever hoped or imagined.

Lithul has good reason to be very motivated. (I suppose I should actually sit down and write that story some time.)

Thanks again.


FireReviewed Chapter: 33 on 4/28/2006
Poor Halmir, he will get very saddlesore before he get to where the palantir is. That is will he ever catch up with the palantir or will he be forced to keep on riding?
Interresting fact that Inglor has been at the forges. Sounds like he's made Haleth's ring himself, that is very very interresting news ;)

Author Reply: The way things seem to go in this story, Halmir would likely find the palantir and immediately lose it again.

Inglor has many hidden talents. For someone who is supposedly naive, he hides them well.


LynReviewed Chapter: 33 on 4/28/2006
Yipes! I can hardly wait for the spine tingling encounters yet to come!

LynReviewed Chapter: 33 on 4/28/2006
Yipes! I can hardly wait for the spine tingling encounters yet to come!

Author Reply: Thank-you, Lyn.

I hope you find the rest of the story as entertaining.


Anna WingReviewed Chapter: 33 on 4/28/2006
Excellent, I was hoping that the dragon would come back soon. There's a typo - "Dunadan" is the singular form of "Dunedain" (sorry, I can't do the accents). So it should be "Halmir the Dunadan", for whom I have much sympathy.

Author Reply: Thank-you for pointing out the typo, Anna. It's now fixed. If you ever find any others, please don't hesistate to mention them.

Poor, long-suffering Halmir really deserves a vacation. Preferrably one that doesn't involve horse back riding.

Thanks again.


perellethReviewed Chapter: 33 on 4/28/2006
Oy! poor Halmir! He must get a sun blocker soon, in preparation for the trip to Far Harad! That was hilarious, the troup of Dunedain dancing back and forth across wilderland.

Everyone is on the move around here, and now the Dwarves decide to retrieve the palantir? But you got me confused with with the Dragon. What on arda happened to the roofs in Dale? I was sure it had been the dragon pursuing the Hosluin and the palantir, LOL!!

I really love this interludes, Haleth. In such a few wrods you make everything shake! Inglor at the forge in the Mountain. HAve I said lately how *much* I like this Inglor? :-)

Author Reply: Thank-you, perelleth

Halmir and his companions must have a really bad case of saddle sores. They likely won't be in a very good mood by the time they get to wherever they're going, which will likely change before they reach the current destination.

I think everyone's had a similar experience, though hopefully over not so great a distance.


vampfan30Reviewed Chapter: 33 on 4/27/2006
HUNH?????? that wasn't much, but, we will take it. Inglor at a forge? He made the ring for Haleth?? You're killing me. More please!!!!

Author Reply: I'm sorry. It is a very short chapter. And yes, Inglor made the ring for Haleth.

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