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Pitfalls of the Palantir  by Haleth 6 Review(s)
BodkinReviewed Chapter: 35 on 5/14/2006
Poor Inglor's innocent glory seems dimmed - and both he and Haleth are sad. Mind you, rescuing him from drooling females does appear to be a large amount of Haleth's role! There is a wistfulness to their interaction in this chapter that is most unusual! Although I'm sure it is a relief to Inglor - especially in comparison to 'fury', anyway.

Nice frock Beregnil has provided! I'd say it would do Haleth good to have a bit of looking after and comfort, but I'm afraid she might be overcome by its rarity. She probably finds Mrs Bass's reaction reassuring - at least not everything is weird.

Author Reply: Thank-you, Bodkin.

Inglor's outlook has changed. Haleth is beginning to realize this. She'd gotten accustomed to him being (apparently) naive and isn't really certain what to do with him now.

It goes without saying that neither of them would directly tell the other about this. As always, they're left to puzzle things out themselves as best they can. Again, as always, they tend to get it wrong.

I'd like to say that Beregnil knows a good thing when he sees one, but how wise can a merchant be if he becomes infatuated with a thief? He likely sees a mysterious woman who can hold her own with an elf. It must make her interesting to him. Then again, Beregnil is fairly shrewd. He doesn't miss very much.

Poor Mrs. Bass. If she really thinks about how she's behaving towards Inglor, she'll be mortified. But whenever she does think of Inglor she gets a thin, vacant smile on her face and forgets about everything else.

Thanks again.


perellethReviewed Chapter: 35 on 5/13/2006
Great chapter!
I loved all the itneractinos here. This one pretty much sums up all taht I like in this tale: their different points of view which make understanding so difficult, Haleth's quick wits, Inglor's subtle irony, a lot of backstory only hinted at....and the interactions with the outer world.

Beregnil is indeeed a wise man and a lovable character. Was he the Master of the twon when these two made their acquaintance in the cold waters of the lake, or was that much long ago? His courteous manners and delicate ways are truly striking. I'm glad for Haleth, although she may not notice, why she had to comfort Inglor!

I loved how he sunk in defeat rather than braving another of *those* conversations about how women were attracted to him. It is hilarious to see how differently each of them react to the subject! Poor one.

Wonderful chapter, Haleth. Much as I am loving this story, I could say that this chapter is the best so far: everything from humor, to misunderstandings to misterious people, to women acting strangely around Inglor, to clueless Elf to surprised, also witty Haleth packed in one single chapter. Great!

Author Reply: Thank-you perelleth.

I'm glad you're enjoying the interactions and the oft alluded to backstory. The hints help to give ideas for further stories (which I keep meaning to write).

Beregnil is probably my personal favourite of the original characters. He wasn't planned at all, but when they reached Lake Town, he was like he'd been there and had been waiting for them all along.

Inglor is beginning to learn that there are some battles he can never hope to win, especially those where the opponent is Haleth's jealousy. I'm not even certain he recognises the jealousy for what it is, let alone the reason for it. He just knows a dangerous topic when he hears one.

Thank-you again.


kelseyReviewed Chapter: 35 on 5/13/2006
I loved the interaction between Haleth and Ingor. Your plot always has twists and I truely admire that. So, what is the Lord of Laketown all about? Can't wait to find out.

Minor detail. I believe some of your punctuation is missing at the end of some dialog. I not meaning to be a stickler, but I thought I would just let you know.

Author Reply: Thank-you, kelsey.

What is Berengil about? He doesn't seem to reveal any more than he thinks is absolutely necessary. He's probably hoping that Haleth notices his interest, but in her own way, she's as oblivious as Inglor.

You're right about the punctuation. It shall be corrected. Please don't hesitate to point out any grammatical, spelling or canonical errors you may find. I appreciate the help.


FireReviewed Chapter: 35 on 5/12/2006
Another fine chapter.
It's good to see that Haleth is able to capture someone's eye, even if she does not recognise it herself.
If she's having trouble with the combs, I'm sure Inglor is very willing to help her with them.
I still can't blame the housekeeper for trying, after all, you don't get an elf visiting that often I'm sure.

Author Reply: Thank-you, Fire.

Between living in the shadows, worrying about the palantir and focusing so much on Inglor, it's not surprising Haleth misses Berengil's interest.

I can't blame Mrs. Bass, either.


LynReviewed Chapter: 35 on 5/12/2006
A very delicious chapter! I was quite pleased to see you were able to update.

Just one suggestion: velvet is made from silk, although in modern times synthetic fibers are used. A nice dress can be made from a fine grade of wool which will be
soft to the touch, but all wool itches (me).

Author Reply: Thank-you, Lyn. Velvet was indeed made of silk although apparently a cheaper variety could be made by using linen or hemp as a base fabric.

I find wool itchy, too. It's probably just as well we're living in an age where there are cheap, plentiful alternatives.


Kathy_SFFReviewed Chapter: 35 on 5/11/2006
I sure hope you have the next chapter done . I have gone from wondering about WHO are Haleth and Inglor to WHY would Inglor give Haleth a silver ring he made himself and if they had a relationship before the lake rescue. I love this story because it keeps changing just when I think I have it figured out. You do an excellent job keeping the plot moving while Ignlor and Haleth move through an ever evolving "friendship". If you don't keep writing I'll send several nasty dust bunnies your way...sorry spring cleaning.


Author Reply: Thank you, Kathy. I'm sorry for the delay in replying.

The next chapter is done but it needs to be proof-read. I haven't seen any of the promised dust bunnies yet, but a bird in the neighbourhood has taken a profound dislike of my car. Is that revenge enough?


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