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Pitfalls of the Palantir  by Haleth 7 Review(s)
aelfwineReviewed Chapter: 36 on 7/24/2011
Poor Inglor !

Author Reply: Poor Inglor indeed!

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 36 on 6/9/2006
That Inglor / Haleth hair combing was - incredibly tense. And no, I don't think Haleth would trade the ring for the combs. Even without knowing the significance of either. Their relationship has undergone a huge change since the attempted murder - and Haleth would probably feel better if she only knew why!

Inglor seems much more in charge now - and Haleth is floundering rather. But then she's not emotionally able to be her usual self right now.

It'll be better for both of them to get away from people and get back on their quest.

Author Reply: Thank-you, Bodkin.

The hair combing scene started out as a's a very long story. It ventured off into an unexpected direction.

You're right. There has been a huge change in Inglor and Haleth's relationship. Their positions seem to have been reversed here, too as Haleth seems incapable of seeing this. To her, Inglor's behavior is, as always, completely bewildering. Inglor, on the other hand, thinks he has been crystalling clear and that his words and deeds do not require an explanation.

To be fair, they both have a great deal on their minds with the palantir in the hands of a mysterious enemy. They come from different cultures lack to knowledge and experience to properly interpret each other's actions. Here, at least, Inglor has a slightly easier time of it as he can compare the way women react to him and how mortals treat each other. This still doesn't keep him from getting things wrong.

Thank-you again.


BlackadderReviewed Chapter: 36 on 6/8/2006
Oh,the agony as this thing between Haleth and Inglor is drawn out ever so slowly!

*crossing fingers that Inglor's heart doesn't get broken in the end*

Author Reply: Thank-you, Blackadder

Whatever Inglor and Haleth are up to, they're really taking their time with it.

Given that Inglor is immortal and Haleth isn't, it's difficult to imagine how Inglor's heart won't be broken.


FireReviewed Chapter: 36 on 6/8/2006
O boy, talking about a sensual scene. I never thought that having your hair done could be so exciting ;)
Inglor's remark about the ring could not be farther away from the mark, eventhough they both still don't realise it.
Haleth's dream at the end sure tells a lot about how she feels, even if she doesn't understand it.

Author Reply: Thank-you, Fire.

I guess if you're in the right frame of mind, almost anything can be sensual.

Inglor's mention of the ring and the combs is the closest he's ever come to mentioning an attachment to Haleth that goes deeper than friendship. Unfortunately, Haleth catch the underlying message.

Thanks again.

perellethReviewed Chapter: 36 on 6/8/2006
LOL! Despite all the intimacy and sensuality of this chapter, I cannot help laughing at how far from understanding each other these two keep drifting. The combing scene as... Wow! it almost made me run out for a hairwash and a haircut... HAving Inglor massaging your head and hair must be as close to perfection as one can get! LOL! NOw, if Mrs Bass gets wind of this, he'll find a bunch of women queueing before his door, asking to have their hair styled!

But I can understand Haleth's puzzlement when she hears him explain himself so shrewdly and eloquently, when most of their conversations seem to end in puzzlement at the very best! Ah, but Inglor's obbservation that she would prefer the combs over his ring was truly poignant! I wonder what Master Beregnil is seeing, and what conclusions he is drawing from his observations!

Author Reply: Thank you, perelleth.

Inglor and Haleth can converse with each other in several languages, but the language of love obviously isn't one of them. Their cultures are different enough that they just don't pick up the nuances. Inglor can be so oblivious that it's almost impossible to believe he isn't acting at least some of the time. He has certainly shown he can speak convincingly to a small group of people. For whatever reason, he's never really shown that ability before. What else is he capable of doing?

Any hair salon run by elves would be a huge success. The styles wouldn't be up to date, but I doubt anyone would care as long as they had their hair combed.

Thanks again.


vampfan30Reviewed Chapter: 36 on 6/8/2006
Wow, just when I think that you cannot twist poor Inglor & Haleth inside out any more:well, you do. One of these days that poor girl will absolutely explode on the poor guy & finally tell him a thing or two about how she feels... at least, I would hope so......^__^

Author Reply: Thank-you, vampfan.
People can do all sorts of nasty things to each other without really intending to do any harm. These two are from very different cultures. They completely miss each other's signals.

Haleth probably has come within a hair's breadth of shouting her feelings at Inglor then grabbing him by the lapels and kissing him. She probably would have by now, but she strongly suspects he would simply be confused by her actions or, worse yet, would politely inform her he had no interest in her as anything more than a friend. Haleth is far too proud to make herself that vulernable. Pride and fear of rejection make her keep her feelings to herself. (Although any mortal who spent more than 5 minutes with the two of them would know how she feels.)

Part of Haleth realizes that if they did love each other and did marry, Inglor would be utterly shattered when she died. To her, it would be very selfish for her to marry him when they could only be together for a few, short (from an immortal point of view) decades, then condemning him to a near eternity of loneliness. This consideration is also keeping her quiet.

Thanks again for the review.


LynReviewed Chapter: 36 on 6/8/2006
99% of fanfiction is shaky, scary, scurrilous, or seemingly made from scoria. That is, something to be glanced at or endured due to hopeless boredom. Ah, but this
story---this story scintillates, it glows from within, and leaves one eagerly awaiting more of the same. Too bad that real life must sometimes interfere with
the transmission of this story. Thank you for providing the latest chapter in
my favorite story. I hope fortune smiles on you and allows you more idle moments in which to create future chapters.

Author Reply: Thank-you, Lyn, for the glowing praise.

It is gardening season here and I've been busy purchasing and planting far too many annuals. In spite of the effort, most of the garden still looks like an overgrown patch of weeds. If only a weed-eating ground hog would move in and clear things out for me, I'd be a happy woman with much more time on my hands.

I seem to get a lot of story ideas while gardening. Although it's slowing things down in the short term, hopefully it will pay off in the long run.

Thank-you again for your kind words and for all of your help pointing out inconsitencies like how velvet was actually made and the spelling and grammatical errors. If you can point those things out, you must be reading very carefully and that, to me, is quite a compliment.


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