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Pitfalls of the Palantir  by Haleth 3 Review(s)
perellethReviewed Chapter: 37 on 6/22/2006
Hi there! I did not get lost, only out of town and with no Internet connection...

For all that she could see the signs directed at others, specifically Inglor, she had completely missed those directed at her. Indeed! SO does the ring mean what we do think it means? Anyway, BEregnil remains a very lovely character, and if the ship vision becomes true, I am sue that Haleth would be glad to know that she has such an admirer waiting for her! INglor's mod changes are truly disconcerting to her, and now I have the feeling that Lady Ethirwen will provide more reasons for misunderstnading and arguments between these two...:-)

Author Reply: Thank-you, perelleth

Please don't apologize. I truly appreciate your taking the time to review each chapter but I know people are busy.

Does the ring means what we think it means? It certainly means something to Inglor. He doesn't seem inclined to explain this meaning to Haleth.

Thank-you for the compliment about Beregnil. He probably deserves a few stories of his own. It would be interesting to see how he came to be the Master of Lake Town, which is an elected position. It must have been interesting in Lake Town during and After the WAr of the Ring. Maybe they were spared a direct attack because they were on the Lake. Maybe they helped the people of Dale, who had a difficult fight for survival.

Poor Ethirwen. Everyone suspects her.

Thanks again.


BodkinReviewed Chapter: 37 on 6/18/2006
Well - I'm glad Haleth said she couldn't keep the combs. And that she made it very clear she was unlikely ever to return. Because even if Inglor / Haleth is a total impossibility, I'm a romantic at heart!

I love the Pied Piper Inglor, being followed by all the star-struck children.

Ethirwen has some scheme in mind, though. She's being too nice. That can only be bad.

Author Reply: Thank-you, Bodkin.

The children must have been used to seeing elves as the elves of Mirkwood traded with Laketown on a regular basis. They were probably told to keep their distance or at least to keep quiet by the adults. Finding an elf they could approach would be, for them, quite the opportunity. Inglor is as fascinated with them as they are with him. By this point in history, there likely weren't many (if any, depending on how you interpret things) elf children around. He's certainly seen human children before, but he hasn't had the chance to really interact with them. I wonder what was going through his mind while they were all talking at once and the one little girl pulled his hair? (Potential plot bunny brewing here.)



vampfan30Reviewed Chapter: 37 on 6/14/2006
a happy surprise in my mailbox-- an update!!! Well, where to start ---- she didn't know what the ring meant!?! wow ---- We are in for a world of hurt, aren't we, & poor Ingy, too.. (weird pet name, but, there it is)! Sometimes, I can swear that some of the stuff he does, he knows what he's doing- eavesdropping on her conversation with Master Beregnil? come on, he knows better. The flower for Mrs. Bass - jealousy-provoker, at least, to me. Being withdrawn is not a good sign, then, adding all those other things to it? EEEK! Poor Ingy, he's been around humans too long, they are starting to rub off on him.....

Author Reply: Thank-you, vampfan.

No, Haleth didn't know what the ring meant. It could be a case of willfull blindness on her part. Somewhere along the line she probably wondered, but comparing her older, drab, worn self to Inglor she likely just told herself not to be foolish.

Inglor almost has to be more aware of what's going on than he lets on.

The two of them just don't communicate well, at least not about emotional matters. They're from very different societies and the subtle (or not so subtle) clues one gives is completely lost on the other. They speak several languages in common, but that almost makes it worse as they think they understand each other clearly. The nuances of communication just aren't there.

Thanks again


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