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Pitfalls of the Palantir  by Haleth 9 Review(s)
LynReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 12/17/2007
WOW! Hope time and circumstance allow you to write more Haleth and Inglor adventures. The characters are so endearing; it makes one care what happens to them. Also, I love your animal characters (the walrus and the cold drake).
Humor is certainly your strong point!

I don't have email except at work and hardly ever check it. My home computer died months ago; just now replaced it.

I have memory problems from two concussions years ago, so when I looked for your fanfic I couldn't remember the author, the title, or the main characters.

HOWEVER, I remembered the author and main character had the same name, which was taken from Tolkien. Using a search engine for Tolkien names, I found a
name that sounded familiar: HALETH. Whew! Thank goodness I rediscovered your delightful tale! Best wishes to one of my favorite authors! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Author Reply: Thank-you, Lyn.

I'm really glad to hear from you again. You really helped me with spelling and grammatical errors. It's a real compliment that you took the time to read so carefully and to let me know about the problems. It sounds like you did some detective work to find the story again. I'm honoured.

Computers are persnickity things. They usually chose the worst possible moment to give up the ghost. It's annoying when the favourites list vanishes into the ether.

I hope your Christmas was merry and that the New Year brings you joy.


I wrote another Inglor and Haleth story for National novel writing month this year but it really, really, really needs to be severely editted before it's ready to be seen.

Kathy_SFFReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 3/6/2007
I really loved this story ..... except I feel so at loose ends about Haleth and Iglor. The way you wrote the ending is screaming for more adventures . Aside from the above. I loved both the characters and the story. I do hope you plan a sequel. Thanks for a great read.

Author Reply: Thank-you, Kathy.

I'm very glad you enjoyed the story and honoured that you took the time to review it.

You're right. There are a lot of loose ends left at the end of the story. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble thinking of a semi-workable plot. There are a few stories from earlier in the time line that are ready to be posted. I hope they'll do until the lightning bolt of inspiration hits me between the eyes.

Thank-you again.


Author Reply: Sorry, Kathy, I should have mentioned this. There is an incomplete prequel to Pitfalls of the Palantir posted on SOA. It is called Castamir's Heir. It doesn't resolve any of the tension between the two main characters but I hope you might find it entertaining.


Kathy_SFFReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 2/1/2007
Sorry not to have left a review sooner but real life continues to interfer. I can't say how much I enjoyed your story. The main characters are very well written and have distinctive and strong personalities. That combined with an interesting plot that kept me guessing (and checking for the next chapter) made for a wonderful story. I'm not sure if you have plans for any more Haleth and Iglor (sp) stories, but I for one one would love to see some further adventures. Not to mention answers to some questions: 1) the silver ring Iglor gave Haleth (Hmmm...isn't it suppose to mean they are "engaged???"), 2) Does Iglor have a clue as to how Haleth feels about him (it's clear Haleth has no idea what that ring means ), 3) Just who is Iglor anyway and what is he really doing in middle earth (he sounds old and didn't he have to be in Valinor to know that Fin (can't remember how to spell his name and too lazy to look came back from Mandos), and finally for that matter (maybe I missed something) 4) What exactly in Haleth's background.

Author Reply: Please dont' apologize, Kathy. I appreciate your taking the time to let me know you enjoyed the story. There are plans for at least two more stories, but they are much shorter and are prequels rather than sequels.

To answer some of your questions. 1) Yes. 2) It's difficult to say. He doesn't seem to understand her jealousy. It's probably just as well because I doubt he'd approve of it if he did. 3)Inglor is a member of the House of Finarfin. He does know Finrod and he is very old. 4) There's a (as yet unwritten) story to Haleth's background so I'm going to be really annoying and not answer. Sorry!

Thank-you again for reviewing this and so many other chapters. It's always a real boost to know people are enjoying the story.


ziggyReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 1/28/2007
Thank you for the many hours of giggling and enjoyment you have given me. I do hope your other stories are quickly' fit for human consumption' - although Inglor is already VERY much so. I know I have been impatient with Haleht but actually the tension between them is what makes it fun! Write soon please.

Author Reply: Thank-you, ziggy. I'm really glad that the story made you laugh. It started life as a comedy, but the characters had other ideas.

Thanks to vampfan and her red pen, there is another story in the works.


MMBReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 1/28/2007
I have thoroughly enjoyed my evening reading your delightful story from beginning to end. I seriously hope that you have plans to give Inglor and Haleth further adventures - they are a most delightful pair. The romantic in me would like to think that one day they would stop talking past each other and say what they need to - if nothing else, have Inglor explain to Haleth the meaning of the ring he gave her - but that too could be another story complete with adventure, misunderstandings and fragile moments.

Your depth of character development is fantastic - and you have creating fully-fleshed and yet wonderfully flawed personalities. It would be a shame, in my opinion, to drop their story here. Please consider a sequel.

Bravo. VERY well done.



Author Reply: Thank-you for taking the time to review, Marlyn. I'm glad that you enjoyed the story and the characters. Inglor feels he's demonstrated his emotions by deeds. Words are, in his opinion, unnecessary. Haleth might be convinced to actually put her emotions into words, but she is too determined that Inglor is above her and so afraid of being rejected and loosing his companionship entirely that she keeps quiet.

There are very vague plans for a sequel. I hope a prequel or two might be acceptable in the mean time.

Thank-you again.


Selene AduialReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 1/27/2007
I love the way you took those Inspirations and wrote them into this story. I always like to read just were people get their inspiration from.

Author Reply: Thank-you, Selene

Tolkien wrote so much information about Middle-earth and made so many asides to historical events that it is incredibly easy to build characters and steal...I mean think up plot twists.

This, of course, doesn't include some of the loopier ideas.

Thank-you again.


BlackadderReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 1/27/2007
Excellent story! I like the conclusion with Odob even though the Haleth/Inglor thread leaves me wanting more. Of course, I get to further their story in my own mind now.

Author Reply: Thank-you, Blackadder

It's really a compliment that you want to continue the story of these characters yourself. Being horribly curious, I have to wonder what you would have them do now? Go back for the other palantir? Visit Gondor? Steal the Arkenstone? Supposedly go their separate ways but actually have one following the other?

I'm very glad you enjoyed the story.


BodkinReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 1/27/2007
Good story. And there's far more to Haleth than meets the eye. Far more. Good thing Inglor is good at seeing below the surface.

Author Reply: Thank-you once more, Bodkin.

And thank-you for taking so much time to review each and every chapter, including the brief interludes. It has always been interesting to see your take on things, which is sometimes quite different from mine but which always makes sense.

Like Inglor, you have a talent for seeing below surfaces.

I hope you will forgive me if I steal...I mean borrow some of the perspectives you've given me on the characters for future stories.

Once more, you have my humble thanks.


perellethReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 1/26/2007
Yes, even the jokes were perfectly in character.
And while I agree with Luinhoth, Hosluin sounded strange and foreign enough to fit perfectly with their mysterious origins. And the asthmatic dragon was such a hoot. MAsterful command of canon put to entertaining good use. Ai, I´m gonna miss lookig foward to upddates! :-)

Author Reply: Thank you yet again, Perelleth

It doesn't look it at first glance, but there is a fair amount of opportunity for humour in Middle-earth. It just takes a somewhat twisted sense of humour to find it.

There will be more stories featuring these characters. They just need some cleaning up before they're fit for human consumption.

Once again, thank-you.


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