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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 666 Review(s)
sueReviewed Chapter: 108 on 11/29/2021
Hullo Bill! Still freezing you poor guy. Here's a warm bran mash to warm you up and a hug to warm your heart.
Love, Sue

Author Reply: Bill whiskers and rubs his head against your arm before plunging his muzzle eagerly into the warm brain mash...

Hullo, Sue, so glad to hear from you!

Alas, poor Bill, there is still some story to get through before he finds comfort. *sigh* But the happy ending will be so satisfying to write!

Author Reply: "whiskers" was supposed to say "whickers", but spell-checker sneaked in a "correction" in a "helpful" moment. (I seem to recall someone comparing the spell-checker to a small, drunken elf living under the keyboard, wobbling around and making ever-so-well-intended changes in the twinkling of an eye, just before the author hits "submit".

demeter dReviewed Chapter: 108 on 11/29/2021
Yeah! You are back. As many reviewers noted, we go from reading about cold during an august heat wave, to reading about snow in November. Some of us have already had one snowstorm, or more. Although, in my Snake River Valley, we are having an unseasonably warm November. I like Shirebound's comment on the "otherness" of Legolas. I have read comments over the years where people say that due to his close friendships with mortals, Legolas almost seems "half-elven", like the twins. Here, tho, you very much show his confident ties to nature, and his own inate power. Your Bill has very much noticed all of the little things which make up his companion's personalities.

Author Reply: Yay! I carved some time from work to finish this chapter and part of the next, so at least Bill's story should move forward this week. (I am hoping for more time to work on the puppy story, too, but I'm on another deadline at work, so we'll see...) Think good thoughts.

After worrisome drought (the drought maps were a waking nightmare), we are experiencing record rainfall for the month. Better than drought, anyhow. I wonder if we'll have snow this year? In any event, there's plenty of snow in the current chapters of Bill's story.

Thank you so much for stopping to tell what you noticed! It seemed to me that as a Wood Elf, Legolas would have a special connection with trees, somehow. Didn't JRRT say something about the Elves trying to talk to all living things? It has been interesting to contemplate. And I still remember being struck, decades ago, by the 'otherness' of Legolas when the members of the Fellowship were descending Caradhras, and he was running lightly over the snow. And I got that 'cold as ice, hard as steel' impression when he shot the Fell Beast out of the air - in the darkness, wasn't it? My brain insists it was the one sent to collect Pippin from Saruman after the fool of a Took looked in the palantír, but I must admit, it has been a few years since I've read the books, and I might be misremembering. I have begun again, listening to a chapter a day in audiobook form while winding down from work at the end of the day.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 108 on 11/29/2021
I like seeing this scene filled out so beautifully, and how Bill is seeing and sensing the 'otherness' of Legolas.

Good wishes to you, my friend! I hope life is bringing you many things for which to be thankful.

Author Reply: Thank you, my friend. I think that Bill's pony senses would definitely pick up on such things.

We had a wonderful, relatively quiet holiday, but including some blessed time with loved ones that we don't see often enough. I hope this reply finds you well, and send my warmest wishes in return.

(I saw in another review of someone's story, you said you might write again, perhaps...? How lovely that would be. I mean to imply no pressure, simply encouragement and cheer. I think, once this latest deadline at work is put to bed, I will polish off the next Bill chapter and then seek out one of your Cormallen stories for a respite.)


KathyGReviewed Chapter: 107 on 11/20/2021
Hopefully, it won't take you long to finish editing the dissertation! Then you can get back to working on your own story and reading ours.

And thanks. I'm glad to know our story hasn't fallen into the Mary-Sue trap. BTW, it's not so much that LOTR doesn't exist--in our story, it does, just as it does in real life--as it is that none of the modern-day characters have ever read any of Tolkien's books. Likewise, while they have seen bits of scenes from the Peter Jackson movies while channel-surfing, they've never watched the movies, either. Not the Peter Jackson movies, and not the earlier animated movies, either. The elder McClouds have never been into fantasy, you see. Science fiction, yes, at least on Steve's part, but never works of fantasy, and the only fantasy that the children have read and watched before this happened have been Disney movies and The Wizard of Oz. (Maybe Alice in Wonderland, too; I haven't decided about that. They have watched the Disney movie by that name; I just haven't decided if they've also read the book or the other one, Through the Looking-Glass.) If any of the children dreamed of going to a magic fairyland, it was probably Kaylee, and she probably dreamed of going to Oz.

As I said more than once, I feel that the story of the modern-day young woman who's a fan of Tolkien has been pretty much done to death by now, and I wanted something different. Since I love children anyway, I wanted to see a story written in which a family of children--and their puppy--found themselves in Middle-earth. And I felt that it would work better if they had never read the books or seen the movies. Alas, no one else appeared to be interested in writing such a story, so I ended up having to write it myself. Or co-write it, rather; I needed a co-author to do the story justice, and I could think of no one better to do the job than Dreamflower, so I asked her to write the story with me.

It's such a shame that Boz4PM has completely dropped out of the fandom, and isn't even receiving reviews of her stories anymore! I would have liked to know what she thought of my story. But unless she returns to the Tolkien fandom, that's never going to happen now.

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 107 on 11/19/2021
Thanks. I'm glad to say that my mother is much better now. However, since we've got some catching up to do in writing our chapters, Dreamflower and I have decided to wait until January to resume posting them.

Hey, Lindelea, do you still keep in touch with Boz4PM? If you do, any chance you could persuade her to come pay our story a visit, mine and Dreamflower's?

Author Reply: I'm sorry to say that I lost track of Boz4PM during the years I was away from fanfic. Oddly enough, I only returned for the sake of comfort-reading when the Covid-19 lockdown hit and derailed life and all its distractions. I was so blessed to see SoA still up and running, and I am deeply grateful to the mods who are keeping it going.

Just a thought that occurred to me as I was pondering your story... I think something that makes it not-Mary Sueish is the fact that the modern-day characters lived in a world where LOTR didn't exist, so they don't know all about the characters and everything that is supposed to happen. Boz4PM's character did happen to know the story, but Boz handled it very well, including the character's worry that revealing her "special knowledge" might change the outcome, as well as not writing Halbarad as a love interest for the modern-day character, but rather, something of a protector and mentor.

Author Reply: p.s. I'm glad your mother is much better.

I have had another dissertation dumped in my lap, with a very short fuse. Editing pays for the groceries, but the deadlines wreak havoc with my fanfic habit.

Author Reply: Sorry to spam you.

I should have said, "I am very grateful to the mods who are keeping it going and the authors who posted so much rich, deep reading, along with those who keep posting new material now." Which, of course, includes you and Dreamflower. I will hope to catch up on all the chapters I've missed during holiday breaks (surely graduate students take holiday breaks from their writing?), and I certainly look forward to seeing new chapters in January. Please convey my warmest regards to Dreamflower. The wee hobbits are all grown up now, but they still talk about that care package she sent them when we were immersed in medieval history studies.

TariReviewed Chapter: 107 on 11/16/2021
"the Sun kicks off her bedcovers and makes her way across the sky, and sometimes it seems as if she is running races, like a frisky colt, and at other times as if she can crawl no faster than a snail on a leaf." I absolutely love your description of the sun.

I have finally caught up with my reading and wait patiently for the next chapter.
(We had our fist snow yesterday.)

Author Reply: Ah, yes, the weather has turned much chillier here (frost warning last night not far away from us), which is conducive to writing more about Caradhras, I must say. I am hoping (fingers crossed) to get more writing in. I rather overloaded with work the past few months, but I have cut back my work schedule a bit, or tried to, anyhow, so we'll see if I can resist the siren call of biting off more than I can chew... Thanks so much for the words of encouragement!

TariReviewed Chapter: 106 on 11/3/2021
Ah, the magic of the eleven brew. Startlement? How funny.

Author Reply: Ah, yes. Equines are quite prone to startlement, I have found. One horse of mine had a deep, enduring suspicion of puddles.


KathyGReviewed Chapter: 107 on 10/9/2021
Since I've already reviewed this chapter (and am looking forward to reading your next one!), this is not another review, but a reference to the story Dreamflower and I are writing, which you've been reviewing. I'd post this as a reply to one of your reviews there, except you can't respond to my post there as you can here.

I know that you read Boz4PM's stories, "Don't Panic" and "Now Panic," while she was posting them, and that you were quite impressed with the level of realism she inserted into those stories. I think we would all agree that she did a most effective job of not making Penny a Mary Sue! Penny's reactions were doubtless what any real-life person's reactions would be, if such an event were to happen in real life. And the conditions she had to endure were certainly realistic. It certainly didn't help that she found herself out in the middle of nowhere, without any of the landmarks that would have told her where she was! Not to mention being bare-footed and in her pajamas?! Ugh, no way! [shudders]

I'm just curious to know: how successful, up to this point, have Dreamflower and I been in keeping our O.C.'s from becoming Mary Sues? Of course, unlike Penny, the McClouds know little about Tolkien's works when they first enter Middle-earth, and it helps them that their entry point is Rivendell, not somewhere out in the wilderness. But how are we doing in that respect? Are our characters Mary-Suish, despite our efforts, or have we been at all successful in making their reactions and their circumstances real?

Author Reply: I have not had the impression that they were Mary-Suish, actually. I will think about this some more and try to formulate my thoughts a bit more coherently.

Author Reply: p.s. I just read the announcement having to do with the hiatus and wanted to send my best to you and your mum.

TariReviewed Chapter: 104 on 10/3/2021
A pony with a sense of humor. Hahahahaha.

TariReviewed Chapter: 101 on 9/10/2021
I LOVE your description of the sunset.

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