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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 13 Review(s)
MirkwoodmaidenReviewed Chapter: 2 on 4/23/2020

Very enjoyable. I love Bill's inner voice. Did Ferny inform on Strider and the hobbits. Horrible man.

"nice smell about him, of apples and pipe-weed and a little of mischief and curiosity thrown in." Love that descripion of Pippin. So spot on!!

Stay safe!

((virtual hug))


Author Reply: Ferny is a truly unpleasant character. I know JRRT said he modelled Lobelia on a real-life person... I wonder if Bill Ferny was someone else he knew IRL?

Thank you!


Kara's AuntyReviewed Chapter: 2 on 2/2/2009
Hello Lindelea,

Ah, Bill, don't fear. The hobbits and Aragorn have your back (loaded with supplies, perhaps, but they still have it)!

Kara's Aunty ;)

Author Reply: LOL!

IstarniŽReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/25/2007
Well *I* am certainly being drawn along on this well known journey, and enjoying every step of the walk. Who knows, I may even start trotting soon - I have almost run out of excuses not to read faster.

I love the way Bill associates Pippin with his old, kind master. I also love the hint of menace from the pursuing 'old misery', which is alleviated by the 'tall Man's' words:

'He knows the land round here well enough, but he knows he is not a match for me in a wood.'

It is no wonder Bill feels '...the stirrings of friendly feeling towards this stranger at these words.'

Go Strider! ;-)

Author Reply: Oh, my! High praise indeed!

It's nice to be able to read slowly, chewing the words over, having time to digest them. All too often I have to gulp down a chapter, swallowing hastily, and too many times I am interrupted in the middle and have to try to remember to return, to finish. I do savour the times when I do have time to read slowly, and appreciate your approach to reading. (But if you want to read faster, it won't hurt my feelings. *g*)


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/24/2006
Nice to think this one is leaving his "old misery" behind in such a way, and aware this Man is not as was the last.

Author Reply: Yes, it's rather fun to imagine Bill's suspicion turning to grudging acceptance and then appreciation!

If only Strider kept a few apples or sweets in his pockets, the process would go faster.

Baggins BabeReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/22/2006
I just wanted to tell you how much I love this story. it is wonderful to hear at last the voice of Bill, one of the unsung heroes of the Quest. It is sweet that he has already decided he likes Sam and the other hobbits but he is naturally more wary of Strider, given his experience with Men so far. I hope he gradually discovers that Strider is not so bad. :-))

I hope we learn more about Bill's journey home from Moria to Bree.

Author Reply: Will do my best to figure out Bill's journey home from Moria to Bree. You know how ponies are... terribly distractable creatures, and difficult to keep them on topic.

Author Reply: p.s. Thanks!

gamgeefestReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/22/2006
I'm loving Bill's story so far! His observations of the hobbits and wariness of Strider, the way his thoughts go back and forth between present and past, and especially the way he thinks of Sam as another 'beast of burden' - its all very believable that a pony might have such thoughts. Can't wait for more.

Author Reply: Glad to have your input!

gamgeefestReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/22/2006

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/21/2006
I'm glad Sam is good at listening to Bill - who seems to have a well-developed sense of danger. Bill's life has improved in many ways. Of course, with all the nasty creatures of Arda on their trail, the news is not all good, but I think, on the whole, he will prefer it with his new team.

Author Reply: Ponies do seem to have a well-developed sense of danger as a whole. Quite often invisible, imaginary danger at that. I suppose it comes from their being "prey animals" rather than predators, perhaps.

For trackless wilderness to be an improvement over his old life, well... that says a lot about Bill Ferny, I'm afraid.

JulieReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/21/2006
Oh goody!! I'm so glad to see you're finally continuing this story! I just love your whole idea of telling a familiar tale to everyone here from the pack pony's POV.
"I have heard the grumbles of dwarf-ponies as they passed my yard, and heard snatches of places far and away. For me, the Road always ended where we turned towards Archet, to the Chetwood to haul wood, or to go around Staddle ..."

Bill is almost like the hobbits in this chapter. They have never left the boundaries of the Shire, and likewise Bill has never left Bree either. He gets his news of the outside world in much the same way, albeit from the travlling dwarves' ponies.

I really hope you post more soon!

Author Reply: I do like to look at a story from various angles.

There is actually another "tenth walker" story outlined, but it probably won't be written until this one finishes. That one is rather more a comedy than this. I cannot even tell you the perspective and identity of the tenth walker in that one without giving away a great deal of the plot... and the joke.

Will keep posting until I get stuck, and then I'll be working on other stories until I get unstuck. Seems to work.


Author Reply: p.s. nice insight, that, comparing Bill to the hobbits. I never looked at it in quite that light before.

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/20/2006
To give Bill a voice in the story is great Lindelea.

Author Reply: Thanks!

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