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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 7 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 47 on 4/20/2010
Ah, our poor, dear Samwise, and blessed Bill! To know that release of so much fear and concern, and find Bill waiting, himself renewed and happy, and willing to sacrifice his next nibble and sip for him in that way? How wonderful!

Author Reply: Yes, Bill is truly connected to Samwise at the heartstrings, now. This was a fun scene to imagine.


cookiefleckReviewed Chapter: 47 on 4/20/2010
Somehow lost track of this story but found it/you again and am caught up. Sorry I missed leaving feedback for some of the chapters. But glad to see you are continuing and wanted you to know that this chapter (their reunion) exceeded my expectations in every way... it's that wonderful. (My beloved) Sam being able to let go and cry with Bill, and then falling asleep... a treasured image that will stick with me.

There is a beautiful tenderness that shines through in what you write. You have forever made "pony" a beautiful and magical word to me... to roll around on the tongue lovingly... with your talk of "pony dreams" and such.

Author Reply: Glad you found us (the story and me) again. This is one of my favourite chapters, thus far.

There's something to the trust and love of an animal that has given its heart away, that brings a lump to my throat.


DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 47 on 4/20/2010
Awwww...oh, Lin!

I do so love this reunion!

You've captured the way a pony (or any beast, really) would have a very vague sense of time, so that even a day or two or three can seem like forever. But he's not going to completely forget Sam, and it takes only a little for him to realized and remember.

The image of Sam suddenly falling asleep between Bill's legs is just-- well, it made me grin and tear up at the same time, it's so sweet!

It's a good thing the farrier is coming, because while Sam may be resting contentedly, he can't be dreadfully comfortable over time. And they will be looking for him soon, to tell him his master's awake!

(((hugs))) I am so enjoying this! And if you want my two cents, I'd say continue as you've begun-- the story, after all *is* "The Tenth Walker"! And lots of chapters are a Good Thing!

Author Reply: Vague sense of time, indeed, or so I imagine. It's why the Giant Schnoz can see me out the door, and give a huge greeting when I come back in (having forgotten something) bare moments later.

Lots of chapters are certainly possible! Yikes!


shireboundReviewed Chapter: 47 on 4/20/2010
I breathe a deep sigh of my own, but keep my feet planted, that my Sam may find me a firm prop and stay, so long as he needs to lean upon me.

This chapter makes me as happy and contented as Bill. :)

Author Reply: (Me, too!)


harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 47 on 4/20/2010
Now that chapter deserves an *awwwww!* with a lump in my throat!

Author Reply: *sigh* It was a pleasure to write, as well.


CeleritasReviewed Chapter: 47 on 4/19/2010
I am astonished at how skillfully and easily you were able to take such a small event as this and turn it into its own Eucatastrophe.

Am also exceedingly happy to see that you're posting a lot more regularly now, which I take as a sign that your life has gotten slightly saner. Alas, if mine were as sane, I'd be able to review all your updates as they deserve.

Well done!

Author Reply: "its own Eucatastrophe"! Such high praise!

Well, I don't know about sane, so much as needing a pressure release valve. But it is so nice to at least be able to steal some writing time again.


eilujReviewed Chapter: 47 on 4/19/2010
"I do not know what "many, many years" means, but I know enough that it was some time before I was born, or perhaps even before my dam came into the world" -- *lol*

"I do not know who the Dunedan is, though Merrylegs seems to think I ought
-- Poor Bill! No one explains.

A wonderful reunion with Sam! And I'm looking forward to whichever elf comes looking for Sam or otherwise discovers him sleeping there.

"For the first time in days, years even, I feel complete, content, and happy."

Now allow me to be picky and discourse on Elvish as if I understood it 8-)

"Dúnedan" -- This should be "Dúnadan" with two A's. Yes: "DúnAdan" but "DúnEdain." Weird, huh? I don't know where Tolkien got this make-a-plural-by-changing-the-vowels-in-TWO-syllables idea, but he used it a lot in Sindarin, for example: talan/telain; mallorn/mellyrn; naneth/nenith (mother); amon/emyn (hill); craban/crebain; ungol/yngyl (spider); anfang/enfeng (a dwarf of the Longbeards).

But sometimes -- lest we think we understand it -- only one syllable changes: edhel/edhil (elf); perian/periain (halfling); mellon/mellyn; mírdan/mírdain (jewelsmith).

[Disclaimer: I am not at all knowledgeable about Sindarin, but I do know where to find the good dictionary:
and at one point I made a list of some examples of how plurals are made in Sindarin and Quenya.]

Author Reply: You are right, and I *ought* to have got it right (all but the accent, which I don't know how to do except for cutting and pasting from someplace where it is already printed that way) as I know very well that it's Dunadan and Dunedain--there was a point at some time in the past where I researched it, or I did it wrong and someone corrected me, or something.

I saw the mistake I had made, in your second quote, as matter of fact, and cringed. Aargh.

Thanks so much for your gentle correction!

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