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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 6 Review(s)
DianaReviewed Chapter: 58 on 8/15/2014
I am loving this story as I slowly catch up. I just wanted to say I appreciate how you had Bill express his pity for the black horses. I was never satisfied with Gandalf's explanation of how they tolerated the Nazgul and I always felt sad for them too, in life as well as death. When I was a kid I used to imagine various ways of saving the horses, even letting them be rehabilitated by Elrond's folk. Anyway, great job on this story and I hope you finish it!!!
The Dude abides.

Author Reply: Thanks for taking the time to leave a good word!

I have a soft spot for horses, even though they can be incredible bothers at times, especially if they've been abused, or even the opposite (spoiled). And now you have sparked my imagination -- wondering if one or more black horses might have been found in the ruins of Mordor, and who did the finding, and what happened from there...

I hope I finish it, too. I had been writing every day, right after the turn of the year, trying to finish a short list of WIPs before mid-summer, but now I'm lucky to have writing time once a week. Still, hoping for more. I have this story outlined to the end, at least, so there's a good chance.

TariReviewed Chapter: 58 on 3/6/2014
I think Greatheart is a perfectly good name for Bill. He is wiser and braver than he knows. (IMO)

Author Reply: I think so, too. He's very modest for a pony. Have known ponies that were stuck on themselves, and others that would work their hearts out for you. He's definitely among the latter group.


KathyGReviewed Chapter: 58 on 2/28/2014
Now all that remains is for Bill to give Sam a not-so-subtle hint that he wants to go on the Quest, too!)

Author Reply: LOL! Great minds think alike. Coming soon!


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 58 on 2/27/2014
Certainly he is "Greatheart," which is definitely a proper title for our Bill. I rejoice that Asfaloth finds it needful and right to make his first report to Bill himself. Bless him for it!

Author Reply: Good Asfaloth -- he knows that Bill would take a personal interest in the news.


DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 58 on 2/26/2014
Yes, those poor black horses, stolen perhaps as foals from the grasslands of Rohan, and trained by torment to endure those undead monsters. Bill is wiser, braver and more compassionate than he knows (kind of like Sam), and I am so pleased that Asfaloth recognizes that in him.

Author Reply: I think Sam has rubbed off on Bill, for certain.

The black horses, as portrayed in the movie, are as nearly as monstrous as their riders, but from reading the book they strike me as hapless victims, forced to bear their horrifying riders. They must have been strong of will and heart, not to drop dead at the start. Poor creatures.


shireboundReviewed Chapter: 58 on 2/26/2014
He is, as always, gracious, calling me Greatheart as the Elves do, and nodding to the old mare and to me, and shouldering aside one or two of the large, hungry scouts who are eager to feast on the hay in the racks, that Merrylegs and I might also be able to have a mouthful or three.

I love that. Asfaloth is a compassionate and wise friend for Bill.

Author Reply: I read one fic where Asfaloth was an egomaniac, rather a distant, stuck-up version of a horse, something like some people see Elves' attitudes towards Mortals. It worked for that fic, but I like having him as compassionate towards Bill as Glorfindel was towards Frodo -- and he showed warmth towards Aragorn as well, if I'm remembering right. (But of course he would have known Aragorn from the time the Ranger was a small child...)

I don't know if "like rider, like horse" truly applies (yikes! my horse was a total brat!), but it's fun to incorporate here.


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