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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 8 Review(s)
KathyGReviewed Chapter: 63 on 6/29/2014
I look forward to reading the next chapter! (Hint, hint!)

Author Reply: Just back from a month away from home, and easing back into a routine. I'll take your hint and put the next chapter of this one nearer the top of the list! (Just have a couple of nearly finished chapters for other stories, and then I'll tackle this one...)

Author Reply: p.s. Thanks!

demeter dReviewed Chapter: 63 on 5/23/2014
What warm and lovely farewells from his Elven guide and other caretakers, and the four legged residents of the valley. I will be very interested to see your take on whether Bill does come back to Imladris after Moria, and if so, what would prompt him to continue on after that. I think that at this point, Sam thought that since everyone, including Bill, had their packs tied and ready to go, now was not the time. But I agree with you, if he had asked, someone would have found him some! It is interesting that Bill can not sense what Aragorn is feeling. That moment was the culmination of all of his long years of preparing. I suspect he was deep inside himself at that moment. And, as Tolkien wrote, perhaps only Elrond really knew all of what was at stake for Aragorn on that little adventure. I have very much enjoyed Bill's personality descriptions of his fellow travelers so far. It will be fascinating as he gets to know the rest. I like your reply to Harrowcat. And with your permission, I will echo and paraphrase it: "my name is Demeter, and I am an addict. My drug of choice is "Stories of Arda"!Still journeying with you.

Author Reply: LOL, we can start our own 12-step program. Step 1: Sit down at the computer. Step 2: Open a new window and click on Stories of Arda (our browser offers an array of frequently visited websites for our convenience when we open a new window, just in case we want to click on something familiar). Step 3... Hmmm... I don't think I'm getting anywhere in dealing with this addiction.

You pointed out Bill's inability to sense Aragorn's feelings; yes, that was a deliberate choice in writing this chapter. As you said, JRRT wrote that only Elrond might know what that moment meant to him, so I decided to keep Bill clueless as well. After all, I wouldn't want him to become a know-all Marty Stu!

TariReviewed Chapter: 63 on 5/23/2014
Poor Bill keeps trying to make himself heard, but only Elves can understand him. He's such a sweet pony. Makes me want one.

Author Reply: I have known two ponies fairly well. One was a total cad, the other rather sweet and earnest. Bill is, of course, based on the latter...


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 63 on 5/22/2014
A good question as to why he didn't demand a coil of rope right then. But if he'd had it, perhaps Aiwendiel's story would have come true instead, and all would have been far different than what we have from the Master himself.

And I CERTAINLY know how often we've had to go back and fetch what was forgotten before, particularly when the spouse would interrupt me and change the order of things, causing me to miss steps long planned ahead of time! Heh!

How is the pup doing?

Author Reply: The pup is still with her mother and siblings for another month, though we're aching to pick her up now. Still, it's best (for reasons I can go into in an email). We want a happy, well balanced, well socialized puppy, especially because she'll be something of a therapy dog.

Got a link to Aiwendiel's story?

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 63 on 5/21/2014
"I have always wondered why Sam didnít just speak up then and there, and have a coil of rope added to Billís burden, or someoneís pack."

Good question! It wasn't too late for Sam to speak up; to step back inside, flag down a passing elf, and ask him if Sam could have a coil of rope; the elf would have surely said yes. The Fellowship would have waited the extra minutes it would have taken to add the rope to the bundles. Maybe Sam was afraid of holding things up?

Author Reply: That's all I can think of -- maybe he's eager to get this over with, really has no idea of the time and distance involved?

When I think of it, the Quest from Rivendell to the day the Ring went into the Fire was three months. Not a very long time, considering how much distance, time, effort, blood, sweat and tears was involved.

It never really struck me until I started writing Bill's journey from Rivendell to Moria. Amazing.


shireboundReviewed Chapter: 63 on 5/21/2014
Oh, what a unique way to experience the blowing of Boromir's horn! I really loved that part. And this...

The other horses and ponies meet us coming in from the meadow, and there are many soft nickers of greeting, blessings and hopes and well-wishes as they pass along to supper and bed.

Author Reply: Thank you for pointing out those parts! I didn't want to just echo what JRRT said, so I'm glad the way I describe Bill's experience works.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 63 on 5/21/2014
Why didn't Sam speak up? Embarrassment, perhaps, and his own nerves--he's probably not really thinking straight. After all, Bill is right about the rope that ties down his burdens.

The truth is that so far as we know the Company did not actually need any rope; they managed just fine without it until Lothlorien. Gandalf's fall happened so quickly that I doubt that rope could have been used before he fell. Then in Lothlorien, Sam got his rope.

I've sometimes wondered if Tolkien did not have some small emergency in mind where Sam's rope would have been handy, and then ended up leaving it out of the story.

I love Bill's POV of the departure preparations--very practical and of the moment!

Author Reply: Somehow I have the lack of rope linked to Pippin hesitating for a l-o-o-ong time in Moria, at the edge of that -- what was it? -- seven foot leap over the deep fissure. With my fear of heights (it still amazes me that I enjoyed free climbing without a rope in my younger days), that scene has always struck a chord with me. I'm not sure I could have gotten up the courage to jump, if it were me, and if I had jumped, I'm not sure I would have made it across.


harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 63 on 5/20/2014
I was glad to see this posted. I love the nod towards the Prof's poetry in the title and, as always, you have found a creative solution to a point that has always made me wonder too. You remind me of a friend who returned to the house three times before finally leaving for a sailing trip. The last time he had gone twenty miles before recalling that his sleeping bag was still on top of the wardrobe! I am glad that SOA seems to be back to its old reliable self and I hope that you are feeling a bit more rested.

Author Reply: Thank you! Bill can be quiet poetic without even meaning to. It has a lot to do with his literal mindedness, oddly enough.

I am so glad to have SoA back... I really am addicted to the relaxation of reading a chapter or two a day.

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