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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 5 Review(s)
TariReviewed Chapter: 81 on 9/11/2020
I wish I had the gift of words like you have. I tried to write a story once, but it didn't turn out very good.

Author Reply: *Hugs* I understand. I have all these wonderful, vivid pictures in my head, but when I try to set anything down on paper... And it's the same with original fiction. I told the not-so-wee hobbits such wondrous tales when they were little, and you might think I'd be able to write them down and make them work. But no. Still, I am grateful for the outlet that fanfic has provided, and I hope to be able to write again, on a regular basis.

TariReviewed Chapter: 81 on 6/18/2020
I miss reading this story since I retired two and 1/2 years ago. I may have to start at the beginning some day.

Author Reply: Good to hear from you, Tari. I have been swamped at work, but I am hoping to take a day off this week and find some R&R in fanfic.

Appreciate your stopping to leave an encouraging word. Congratulations on retiring! I am semi-retired, and looking forward to the real thing in a few years.

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 81 on 4/28/2016
Aww, Bill's earned his chance to have a rest! I'm glad you gave the poor pony a break--he deserves one. =)

Author Reply: Yes, he does. It's hard work to be a bearer of burdens, but Bill seldom complains. I'm quite fond of the old fellow...


shireboundReviewed Chapter: 81 on 4/27/2016
Bill is such a wonderful guardian.

Author Reply: He is! It's good to be able to give him a little rest, too, what with what's around the corner...


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 81 on 4/27/2016
Nice to find a few moments when Bill doesn't have to be on watch, when Gandalf and Aragorn and Legolas are watching over them all.

Author Reply: Yes, poor pony. It must be tough to be a prey animal in the Wilderland. It's a good thing to be able to share guard duty.


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