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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 4 Review(s)
DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 82 on 9/23/2016
Bill is growing more and more lyrical and philosophical as he travels. "Only a pony," indeed! Only a very wise and loyal pony. I think the company he keeps is rubbing off on him.

Author Reply: I have found the ponies and horses of my acquaintance to possess a certain poetry, so it comes naturally to Bill. But yes, I think the company is also rubbing off. My goodness, he's been rubbing elbows, so to speak, with some exalted company! Elves, a wizard, Dwarf ponies and even a Dwarf, not to mention the Hobbits (though of course they bear mentioning) and two noteworthy Men.


TariReviewed Chapter: 82 on 9/23/2016
Your back! I really miss reading about Bill. It seems that many authors I have been following are not finishing their stories. How sad it is for us readers. We are left hanging. Glad I can count on you to continue. Thanks

Author Reply: Bless you! Thank you for the encouragement. I keep intending to start again, and get derailed by events, but... think good thoughts. Here I go, starting again...

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 82 on 9/22/2016
Master, too, of all my hobbit folk seems the most sure-footed. He does not stumble at all, as if somehow he can see his way in the dark, in some way that the other three cannot.

That's so perceptive of Bill. I love the names he gives his companions.

Author Reply: Bill is a very good listener... he can tell so much by hearing and smelling, as well as seeing.

In "A Journey in the Dark" it says "One sign of change that he soon had noticed was that he could see more in the dark than any of his companions, save perhaps Gandalf." I remembered while planning this chapter that Frodo could see better in the dark than before the Morgul blade, but I didn't remember the rest of the quote until I looked it up just now. Maybe I should rewrite the chapter and add in a stumble or two for Legolas and Gimli and the Big Men? Goodness! Or maybe Bill's just being charitable...


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 82 on 9/22/2016
Hooray! Have been looking for another chapter, and am glad to see it on Ring Day!

Poor Pippin--he would be the one to take the most falls, of course. And of course Bill is right, for one would expect the awful nights to seem longer than this one on which people are merely stumbling. But milder nights with intermittent troubles can seem to drag on forever, it seems.

Love seeing this added to!

Author Reply: Thanks to you for reminding me that Ring Day was near! I have been in survival mode for so long, I barely pay attention to the calendar except to note appointments...

It was so wonderful to visit with Bill once more. Maybe the Muse will stick around a bit longer so I can keep writing chapters. Whew.


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