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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 4 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 103 on 3/27/2021
At least we know that Frodo knows of what he speaks, and Merry is wise enough to appreciate the veiled warning. As for Bill--he has the wisdom of his kind, and is ready to help either Frodo or Merry as might be needed, as was true of Frodo earlier.

Author Reply: Ah, yes, older cousins talking over the head of the younger one. Sometimes he's sharp enough to catch it, but this time, thankfully, it goes right past him. Worry is wearying, and Pippin, as smallest hobbit at this point, needs all the energy he can muster for the climb.

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sueReviewed Chapter: 103 on 3/26/2021
Oh, my poor cold Bill. What a giving soul he is worrying so about his hobbits!

Author Reply: Ponies can be so affectionate and loving when they have bonded with someone.

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KathyGReviewed Chapter: 103 on 3/26/2021
Bill certainly provides an anchor for the hobbits to hold onto in this snowstorm. I'm wondering how poor Bill is going to fare when the snow practically buries the hobbits!

Author Reply: Considering how much I hate heights, I appreciate Bill all the more for his steadiness (four legs are better than two?). I can't imagine walking on a snowy trail with a sheer drop on one side. (Driving mountain roads is bad enough, and thankfully not something I've had to do often.) Poor Bill! JRRT tells us he was dejected, so there is that.


shireboundReviewed Chapter: 103 on 3/26/2021
Good old Bill, what would the hobbits do without him? His POV of all of these events is so interesting to experience.

Author Reply: It has been interesting to revisit this familiar story through his POV. I thought I knew it well (it was my comfort reading every winter, getting me through recurring bouts of bronchitis and a couple spells of pneumonia). But going through it again while imagining how it looked through Bill's eyes, so much of it seemed new to me!

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