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To Tell a Tale  by Lindelea 4 Review(s)
demeter dReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/26/2006
Delightful, Dreamflower! A wonderful re-working of P.J.'s invented scene from the movie. Of course, he did compress time rather horribly, and the real differences in Frodo, Merry and Pippin's ages he blurred. But even so, I have liked that scene because it crystalized quickly the mischief the Hobbit cousins were capable of, and the fact that Gandalf had real affection for his Hobbits, especially the Tookish ones! Hobbits, especially Tooks, have always been Hobbits. Nice reference to Bilbo's conflict between his respectable Baggins half, and the wilder Tookish side which sent him walking out of his door with dwarves. A small foreshadowing to Frodo's future loss. And a very nice image of Grandfather Gerontius "bristling" just like Gandalf. I always thought they must have had a lot in common. Nicely done!

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/18/2006
A delight!! It really does make sense that the perpetrators got switched as the story got passed down ;)

Author Reply: From Dreamflower:

Exactly! And of course, PJ just got hold of the wrong version...

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/13/2006
Oh I am so pleased to more of these tales here. I did track them down elsewhere. It does Pippin good to realise that even his respectable elders were young once. And how could he even imagine that he could fool Sam!

Author Reply: From Dreamflower:

Yes, even his "respectable" elders, as you put it, were not so respectable once. And I think he was mostly being hopeful. You have to admit to a certain "logic" in his plan, LOL!

Mum's the WordReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/13/2006
Wonderful, Dreamflower!

This made me laugh out loud:
If anyone but Gandalf had told the story, he would never have believed it. But he could easily imagine that it was something that Mr. Pippin’s and Mr. Merry’s grandfathers would have done--in fact, he could just as easily imagine Mr. Merry and Mr. Pippin doing such a thing themselves. It was a good thing they were still too young for such mischief when Bilbo went away.

Do you mean PJ got it wrong?!

Truly, a most "excellent adventure" for the previous generation, dear.


Author Reply: From Dreamflower:

Well, it would be surprising if he did not; clearly he was not solely relying on the Red Book for his information, and so allowed misinformation from lesser secondary and tertiary sources enter into it. I am sure that when he heard the account of a Took and a Brandybuck being involved in such a thing, he naturally assumed it was Merry and Pippin, LOL!

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