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The Party's Over  by Lindelea 13 Review(s)
PSWReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/8/2016
Heehee.... :-)

Author Reply: (big grin)

Thanks! (Belatedly)

Nienor NinielReviewed Chapter: 3 on 9/11/2006
Ooh, nice! I was so worried for him, but he managed to talk himself out really well.


Author Reply: My word, another review I never saw before! At least, I don't remember seeing it!

*grumbles softly to self at the irregularities to be found in email*

Thanks so much!

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 3 on 8/23/2005
Probably a good thing so many beribboned lasses turned up. Safety in numbers. And a good bit of thinking on the slightly hungover furry feet. I should think Merry is impressed. It just goes to show - you forget to dodge one troll, maybe, but after that you practise your evasive manoeuvres.

Well done, Pippin.

Author Reply: after that you practise...

I just love your sparkling turns of phrase!

Hmmm. Safety in numbers. Well, perhaps, but if he'd not been quite so quick in his wits it might have been a *very* awkward situation indeed...

(of course, the story was originally written as a plot by Merry, Freddy, Merimas, and Doderic (with Ilberic playing along), a sort of practical joke--but it turned out to be much funnier, I think, just letting things naturally take their course)


EthareiReviewed Chapter: 3 on 8/22/2005
Whooot, you've got me rolling in laughter over here! Hahahaaa, brilliant Pippin, testament of a lifetime of talking his way out of things, I expect. Wonderful, wonderful, I really enjoyed this fic, just because it's so sweet and funny and so characteristically Took. Well done, and thank you for brightening my day!

Author Reply: You've got to love those flashes of insight that seemingly come out of nowhere and save Pippin's bacon.

Thanks for taking time to leave a comment!

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 8/22/2005
'You asked two lasses to marry you, last night? This is not Far Harad...'
LOL! That was a good one, but it was just the beginning ;-)

Four lasses with ribbons in their hair, lots of brothers to look after them and a burned foot! But at last Pippin found a clever way to save the day: a Maypole dance, what a wonderful idea :)

Author Reply: You summed up the situation wonderfully well! Especially the "lots of brothers" part. Whew. Good thing that Pippin is good at thinking on his feet... er... foot.


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 3 on 8/22/2005
Oho--the proposal has become a PROPOSITION! Aha! Wiley Took!

Lovely unexpected party.

Poor Pippin has, I hope, learned to avoid the Gaffer's home brew in quantities!

Author Reply: Talk about thinking on your feet!

I do think that Pippin will regard the Gaffer's homebrew with respect, from now on. Though he might find use for it in future (not necessarily drinking quantities of the stuff *himself*, mind).


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/22/2005
Oh, my, and for whom are Estella's ribbons? For himself or Merry? And who else is at the door? Did Pippin propose to a number of sweet lasses last night? Or is this all a lovely, elaborate gag cooked up by Merry and Freddy and Berilac, perhaps?

Am looking forward to reading more!

Author Reply: Well, now that I know you've finished the story, I can tell you that it was originally written as a grand conspiracy cooked up between Merry and Freddy and Doderic and Ilberic and their sisters (and possibly Berilac as well), but that it turned out to be funnier the other way (as in, Pippin really did ask four maidens, at different times in the party, to dress up and wear ribbons and come for tea, but under the influence of the homebrew he kept forgetting what he'd done, so he kept doing it over!).

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/21/2005
Such a wicked story. Poor Pippin - I hope he Learns From The Experience. I enjoyed Estella's modest silence and downcast eyes. It seems very unlike her - she must have found it difficult to maintain.

Merry the Hobbitservant. A new role for him! One to which, I would think, he is not naturally inclined. But I'm glad to see he can produce a delectable afternoon tea at short notice. It should stand him in good stead in later life.

This is a fun story. I'm looking forward to more!

Author Reply: I think she did... it was for her brother's sake, you know. Very strong will, that Estella has. She can even use it to exert control over herself, if need be.

More (the conclusion, actually) has just been posted.


SaoirseReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/20/2005
Lindelea. *stamps foot*

I want more of the fic right now!

This is exactly how I have always pictured Estella to be - physically and inside as well. Shy, raven-haired, lovely, but with a quick-wit and large heart. Bravo, you've read my mind! Thank you!

I can't wait to see who is at the door... lol Poor Pippin, his betrothed may not be the lovely Estella after all! (and if it is, I'm sure Merry eventually will have something to say about that ;) )

Great job! Update soon please!

(the descriptions of crankymorningPip were perfect. I felt empathy when Merry de-blanketed him and left him with sunlight in his eyes and cold on his feet. The home brew must be worth more than a sniff, I guess! Trust Pippin down it, at any rate XD )

Author Reply: Aha, so you found a way to get around to the end of the story. Very clever. Will answer your chapter 3 comments elsewhere.

Actually, the Estella I've written in other stories isn't exactly shy, though she comes across in this story that way, as she's considering her brother's feelings. But I do love your description of how you see Estella! All the other qualities are the same.

Cranky morning. Yes. Very familiar with that syndrome. *g*


EthareiReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/18/2005
ROFL! This had *me* feeling slightly intoxicated! Full of a Took indeed! I can just imagine Pippin's poor ickle horrified face. Y'know, I was expecting Merry to end it with something along the lines of "I'm kidding" *g* which would serve Pip right. Though the line of "Congratulations on your impending nuptials." is just as brilliant. Let this be a lesson to all ye heavy-drinkers out there!

Author Reply: LOL! It really does seem as if it ought to be an enormous joke, but it's funnier if it's not.

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