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Just Desserts  by Lindelea 203 Review(s)
TariReviewed Chapter: 36 on 6/13/2007
I can't believe it's over. You can't imagine how much I loved reading A Healer's Tale and Just Desserts, including the dark parts. I truly hated to see it end. I am left wondering what happened to the two very ill Hobbits. Did you write any more about them? I normally prefer stories about Elves, but you have me totally hooked.

Thank you so much for this delightful experience.


Author Reply: You are most welcome! I am honoured, especially hearing that you prefer stories about Elves.

The two very ill Hobbits? Can you give me some context? I'll be happy to direct you to a story, or give you a summary. (I have two very ill hobbits in one of my current stories-in-progress, but I suspect they're not the ones you're talking about.)

Author Reply: ...or (pardon me for being thick) are you indeed talking about the two very ill hobbits in the current WIP, "One Who Sticks Closer than a Brother"?

Am feeling particularly brainless today.

TariReviewed Chapter: 34 on 6/12/2007
'Gwill o'Dale, and Gwillam and Robin, sons of Gwill,' Pippin said grandly, raising his voice though silence reigned in the market place. 'I proclaim you Shire-friends, nay, heroes of the Shire, who have, with your selfless and courageous actions, won the gratitude of Thain...'

'...and Master,' put in Merry, at Pippin's side.

'...and Mayor!' Samwise said decidedly from the Thain's other side.

'...and so, we grant you and your descendants the freedom of the Shire, from now and henceforth!' Pippin said, extending three rolls of parchment, each tied with a bright ribbon.

Gwill took a shaky breath, and his eyes glimmered with tears as he looked to the King. 'My Lord?' he whispered.

Elessar nodded with a smile. Who was he to gainsay Master, Mayor, and Thain?


How precious. This brought tears to my eyes.

Author Reply: Thanks! It was one of the scenes I was working towards, all through the angst. Whew.

Appreciate your taking the time to drop a line!

Reviewed Chapter: 29 on 6/8/2007
"To Ferdi's mind, they were more like wolves than like hobbits, or perhaps a better comparison would be bears. Large, ungainly creatures, seeming harmless, comical, even disposed to be friendly, but dangerous all the same, and not to be trusted. Though there were no bears in the Shire at this late date, still, he'd heard the stories about them, seen the likenesses in drawings and paintings and pictures in books, even curled his toes in a shaggy bearskin spread before a blazing hearth."

This is one of my favorite parts. I love Ferdi's opinion of men. What a hoot!.


Author Reply: LOL, I am trying to reply to all your reviews as they come, but I think this one (and the previous) came while we were out of town! So, apologies for this belated reply.

Good old Ferdi. Everybody attributes the saying "All men are ruffians" and he denies ever saying it. (I believe what he actually says is "Ruffians, all"!)

Author Reply: Hm. We weren't out of town. Must've come while we were catching up from being out of town!

(easily distracted by niggling details)

TariReviewed Chapter: 28 on 6/8/2007
Well, I can finally relax and take a breath. Gwillam will LIVE and be restored to good healh, I hope. You really had me sweating this one. His hanging was horrible to read.

I can't help but hope that Pippin will be alright too.


Author Reply: Well, as you've read A Healer's Tale you know that Pippin was healed of his lung damage in the time between All that Glisters and Just Desserts. (I couldn't have inflicted such awful circumstances on him if I hadn't had the idea of his healing, early on in the cycle of stories...)

I'm quite fond of Jack (Gwill) and his boys, and glad there was a good resolution to this story. I'm hooked on happy endings.

TariReviewed Chapter: 18 on 5/30/2007
The last two chapters were heart wrenching. So hard to read, yet I couldn’t stop. The Steward was getting on my last nerve.

Here’s hoping Aragorn can save Wil and Jack.


Author Reply: Been out of town. It was so nice to come home to your review!

I know, the Steward is drawn very negatively in the first part of the story, but as you'll find, reading on, he's not quite so one-dimensional as he's been shown to this point.

Will and Jack's fates were very much in Bodkin's hands during the writing, since this story was a result of a challenge and I asked what direction the plot ought to take. Rather risky, but Bodkin is a trustworthy sort, I have found, and chose wisely in my humble estimation.

Hope this makes sense, am flying high on Cherry-flavoured Cola today and it makes for disjointed thought.

To get back to the point of this reply: thanks!

EndaewenReviewed Chapter: 36 on 10/15/2006
A great story. You had me on tenterhooks for most of it.

Author Reply: Thanks! I know I was on tenterhooks, writing it. I really did not know the outcome, when I was in the middle... I sort of left it up to Bodkin, since this story was her prize in a guessing game, and I'm so glad that she chose the way she did.


Thanks again, for taking time to leave a note.

Nienor NinielReviewed Chapter: 36 on 9/27/2006
A lot of my reviews contain a variation of "You made me cry" - I must come over as a blubbering, highly emotional girl... mhm, perhaps that's what I really am. Anyway, you did it again. This was such an unexpected ending which turned the whole story to something hopeful.

I loved the reference to... it was Esther, wasn't it?

All in all, a great piece. I love to see something about the rebuilt Annuminas - I think yours is the first fic I have seen expand on it.

All the best! Nienor

Author Reply: Thanks! I am behind in answering comments, but I greatly appreciate each one.

Yes, you're right, that scene was born out of reading Esther, and was probably one of the foundations the story was built upon.

It's a little daunting to expand on the rebuilding of the North Kingdom. We have only a hint or two. I find myself speculating if they would have left the ruins and built anew or built on top of the old city... I finally decided to leave the ruins, though I don't remember my reasoning any more and the notes are long gone.

Anyhow, forgive my wandering reply. I have a cold and I need to head to bed!

Thanks again.

demeter dReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 12/6/2005
More re: Haleth/Hama; Sorry to disillusion you, or something, but Hama did indeed die before he even entered Helm's Deep. I haven't read Two Towers in awhile, but I think it goes something like "killed before the gates, and his body hewn after he was dead". Theoden adds Hama's loss to the list of grievances that he lays at Saruman's feet as he and the others stand at the bottom of the steps of Orthanc after the battle. Sadly, yes, killed by Orcs before the battle of Helm's Deep, although probably not quite like the movie. Have enjoyed your story!

Author Reply: O yes, now, that does ring a faint bell in the back of my mind. Haven't read Two Towers in a long time, and really need to revisit the Original. I just remember seeing the movie and being disappointed at the way Hama died (as opposed to how the book went--but it's so long ago I now don't remember how the book went!). It's on the nightstand next to my bed. Just have to get some required RL reading out of the way first... Whew.


BodkinReviewed Chapter: 36 on 12/6/2005
Hey - in addition to the film character Haleth, son of Hama, I found -

Third Age

King Helm's son of Rohan

So maybe it's one of those names that can make the transition across the genders.

Author Reply: Ah. But then I get a fit of giggles, thinking: Here is a man of Rohan with a female Sindarin name... shades of Johnny Cash's "Boy Named Sue"...

Sorry. ahem. Attack of the sillies. So who am I to say it's a female name? All I have is a "cheat sheet" with Sindarin endings to help keep me from terrible gaffes since I don't have much of a clue when it comes to Elvish.

(Hama was from Rohan, wasn't he? Wasn't he the one killed by the Warg in the surprise attack? That was his son, who introduced himself to whoever-it-was in the movie? Poor lad. But I take comfort in the fact that Hama didn't die that way in the book, if at all.)

At the moment I have no desire to write, combined with no time to write. Wonderful boon! Usually the two hit at different times, so that I have desire to write but no time, or time to write but no desire. I don't even have time to post that last "To Tell a Tale" story that you sent me, but I still hope to when the schedule clears again.

As far as all those things "in progress", will hope to update when the Muse speaks again.

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

demeter dReviewed Chapter: 36 on 12/5/2005
Just a note on the story summary on the link: I do not remember right now if it is in the book, but in the movie "The Two Towers, a boy introduces himself to Aragorn at Helm's Deep as "Haleth, son of Hama". So evidently someone, somewhere thinks that "Haleth" is a boy's name.

Charming Epilogue. Charming Epilogue! A nice reminder to the Northern Steward that even heroes like Ellesar are human beings, capable of missteps and in need of forgiveness, support and friendship. All of which, it seems, he will be getting in abundance from his new-found daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Perhaps he can take them back north with him for an extended visit, or to stay. And, I believe, he will be thanking the Valar for the priviledge of having bothersome, interferring Hobbits for friends! May the hair on their toes never fall out!

Author Reply: Hmmm. Thanks for the note on the name! Perhaps it is a movie thing. I don't remember "Haleth" at all, but looking up the name on Encyclopedia of Arda I find Haleth was a female... Elf, I think, and her twin brother was named "Haldar". I have all the extended versions of the films, but haven't watched them in a dog's age. They are too scarey for our little ones, and by the time the children are in bed I am yawning myself!

I had my suspicions about two-thirds of the way through the story, when looking at my name lists, and my notes that said that male endings were things like -ar, -ir, -on, -ion, and -ond and female endings were -eth and -wen and -iel and -ien. (I just typed that from memory and not from looking at my notes, so it is possible that I made a mistake just now.) So I went searching for "Haleth" just to make sure. Encyclopedia of Arda didn't mention the Haleth of the movie. Perhaps that site limits itself to bookverse.

I think Haldoron really does appreciate having interfering hobbits as friends... and will even more, now that Ferdi's interfering has united him with his son's family!

It is good to remember that even Kings make mistakes, and that they weren't always kings.

Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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