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Where the Love-light Gleams  by Lindelea 85 Review(s)
DinossielReviewed Chapter: 14 on 10/25/2009
Oi, quite exciting there. I'm glad Woodruff is protecting Ferdi's reputation.

Nienor NinielReviewed Chapter: 14 on 9/15/2006
Poor Ferdi... he sure goes through a lot!

Hospitality can really be troubling... My dad is sometimes forced by his job to make the round through the village, and it is awfully hard to explain to people that "just one glass" or "just one piece of cake" can be too much when he already had "just one" in several other houses. And as we saw, hobbit hospitality does not content itself with "just one" of something.

But what was that about Pippin's leg? Well, I guess I'll find out. There are quite a few stories I haven't read yet.

All the best, Nienor

Author Reply: Just now saw this! Thanks for taking the time to review.

Yes, that "just one" can be a trouble, can't it? It's "just one" at *their* house but they don't consider how many "just ones" the person has had...

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 14 on 1/22/2006
What happened?

Well, there I was last night, taking a final look-see to decide whether I should read or go to bed - and there this was, on the front page. So I wondered if anything had been added, but it said the whole story was entered on 22nd January. So I wondered why. But now, at 5.30 am, it's all back where it should be. I was just confused, that's all.

Author Reply: Ah, so that was it. And at the time I saw your review in my email I wasn't aware that the story had been deleted and restored.

demeter dReviewed Chapter: 14 on 1/22/2006
All's well indeed! After all, he did start out on a serious mission. And he has already had enough troubles for one lifetime. So good of Woopdruff to lovingly smooth things over for him. You have created a warm, sweet little community of caring people. Thank you for sharing, and a wonderful new year to you, too.

Author Reply: Thank you!

Ferdi really has had enough troubles, more than enough for a lifetime, as you said. It was a pleasure to get him off the hook with no more than a hangover. And since he's such a light drinker he'll probably not have this problem another time...

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 14 on 1/22/2006
Yay, Woodruff! Not that it wasn't all *perfectly* innocent, but who'd believe poor Ferdi once he got started, or even let him get a word in edgewise? And after all this, he may not even remember the way things happened himself, LOL!

Lin, I've only read one other author who can make such hysterical muddles seem perfectly natural, and then leave them with the characters obliviously happy, and the readers giggling and scratching their heads, going "how did *that* happen?" and that is PG Wodehouse! What a knack you have!

Author Reply: Did I answer this? It got corrupted and restored, and I *thought* I answered your review, but no answer is there.

What an honour, to be in such esteemed company. I saw a forensics club duo perform a PG Wodehouse story, and it was hysterically funny. I know Wodehouse is a famous name--I must seek out his stories, sounds like.

Poor Ferdi. He might very well not remember where he got the four mufflers, and the bottles of wine. And since he visits Oatley only once or twice a year, by the time he goes back, the farmer likely won't remember that he *didn't* do any such thing! *g*


Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 14 on 1/22/2006
Bravo!! Bravo!! Bravisimo!!!!

Indeed all is well. Bless Woodruff for not wanting the snootier Tooks thinking Ferdi had turned to drink. Had it forced upon him was more the case ;)

This was such a well done, enjoyable tale. Highs and lows, some fluffy things and some scary things. A wonderful, wonderful tale :) :) :)


Take several bows, Lindelea!!

Author Reply: Bows as ordered. We aim to please.

I love it that Tad gets thanked for all he did, when what he did was partly responsible for Ferdi's condition...!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 14 on 1/22/2006
And a happy Yule and a great New Year to you too. But oh! I did want to be a fly on the wall when Ferdi wakes up and hear his side of the story. Are you really just going to leave it to our imagination Lindelea? *g*.

Author Reply: Gonna leave it to your imagination. What fun!

But while you're imagining, think of this: There's a stable lad at the Great Smials who, years after, has the curious habit of poking the pitchfork gently into the hay pile, pushing it slowly into the middle of the pile, before he commences forking the hay.

And Ferdi doesn't remember much after leaving Oatleys'. And of course he's insulted that anyone would *think* he'd be First-footing while on a commission for the Thain (even though the thought did cross his mind originally).

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 14 on 1/22/2006
Woodruff is a star!

I suspect that Pimpernel will pick up on the overdose of alcoholic beverages - in fact, Woodruff will probably tell her to stop her worrying too much - but the Tooks as a whole don't need to know.

And Nibs got out of his extra labour - in order to get over his shock. Of course, that means someone else has to do it, but Old Tom doesn't seem too fussed.

I like their reasoning for how Ferdi ended up with so many mufflers - blame Farmer Oatley. Seems sensible enough!

And Ferdi has survived with his reputation intact, even if his dignity has suffered.

Good story.

Author Reply: Too true about the Tooks not needing to know. I shudder to imagine the talk.

Old Tom had probably planned to give the stable lads part of the day "off" as his Yule gift to them, but then Nibs messed up.

Ferdi has a way of landing on his feet, even when he doesn't know which way is up.


FantasyFanReviewed Chapter: 14 on 1/22/2006
A very nice story. Watching the comendy of miscommunication build was quite amusing. Nobody has the right idea by the end of it, except Ferdi, and he probably won't remember anyway.

Very clever of Woodruff to have chosen not to tell that she thinks Ferdi is just passed-out drunk. I was very intrigued by the undercurrent of political machinations going on. What was with Pippin's attitude? Had he also figured it out? Is he afraid of Ferdi drinking, or angry at him for revelry when he was 'on duty'? Or is he just on the same wavelength as Woodruff? Otherwise it doesn't make any sense that he relaxed when she made her pronouncement.

It was some old-fashioned Ferdi angst, as you said. Guess I'm in the mood for something schmoopy next - got anything on the burner?

Author Reply: Pippin's attitude was tied in with the political undercurrents. He'd probably figured out Ferdi was drunk, and had heard that they'd given him drink at the Dragon to "revive" him; he was on pins and needles to see what Woodruff would say, knowing that Woodruff knew the implications of smearing Ferdi's name; he was incensed to think that Ferdi might actually have been First-footing while performing serious business--and if that was the reason Ferdi fell from his pony in the first place, he was going to be in for it, but good!

But of course it wasn't, and Woodruff "covered up", and Pippin relaxed, his plans for the succession still intact.

Schmoopy. Schmoopy. Cannot quite connect, though it leaves an impression of sorts. Can you give me an example?


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 14 on 1/22/2006
And bless them all, especially for Woodruff for not telling what she knew. Allows a certain Ferdi to keep his dignity somewhat.

And at least all that was lost was undrinkable cordial--and a proper night's sleep! But he'll make that up before the hangover leaves him, I'm thinking!

Lovely story, Lindelea--and I want to see more of Bucca and Pippin, you know.

Author Reply: I have the feeling that he'll sleep through the holiday, anyhow... and have to make it up to the little ones with twice as many stories. So, they shall have satisfaction in the end.

Working on Bucca and Pippin, as a matter of fact.


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