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LifeWatch  by Lindelea 131 Review(s)
TariReviewed Chapter: 16 on 2/26/2016
What a wonderful story even if it was over way to soon. I love it when writers walk thru the doors Tolkien left open in his tales and fill in as they see fit. Now I shall have to find something else to read. I wish people weren't so busy. There are several stories I have been reading that I would like to see completed.

EruherdirielReviewed Chapter: 16 on 5/27/2014
You did a very good job writing Merry as he was worried about his friends, without overdoing things. Merry's cold hand was a nice touch.

Author Reply: Thank you! Appreciate your taking the time to comment.

storyfishReviewed Chapter: 4 on 7/16/2007
HA! I've finally figured it out. When I was writing "Come and Catch Me," the image of a young pippin up in a tree coupled with Merry's despair at Pippin's injuries kept coming back to me. I was pretty sure this idea wasn't from my own imagination, but I couldn't get it out of my head (or figure out who or what story I could have stolen it from) so I ignored my fears and assumed that I'd made it up myself, no matter how familiar it sounded.

I should've known it would be from one of your stories I read a long time ago! (And from this very chapter!) I think I'm going to have to add an author's note to the story now--saying that it isn't just LotR fanfiction, it's Lindelea fanfiction! (Inspired by "LifeWatch"? Response to "LifeWatch"? Shamelessly unconsciously plagiarized from "LifeWatch"??)

*sigh!!!* Did you see the similarities all along? You must have! *yikes!* I wonder what else I stole?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? If that's so, at least I imitated the best! ;-)

And just so you know, I'm enjoying rereading this tale.

Author Reply: Aha. Well, you know, quite a few of us have written Pippin up a tree, or falling out of a tree, and so perhaps it isn't so much of a "plagiarism" as might be thought.

D'y'know, I have the same fear... that a turn of phrase, or a conversation, or a description, that comes so easily to my mind, might be from some other writer whose works I devoured years ago... Norton, or Asimov, or McCaffrey, or Sharra, to name a few.

Whether or not you took an image from this chapter, you wove an entirely new pattern in the cloth (to mix a metaphor), and so I took and still take no offence, especially where none was intended.


Credit is always nice, of course. *g*

Author Reply: p.s. it is always nice to hear some feedback, too.

TariReviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/16/2007
I'm so glad I found this story. I went to the MEFAward2006, but got a message that your story was pulled because it had been reviewed previously.

It's absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to read more. The Elves are my favorites, but I will read any Tolkien based story as long as it catches my attention. Yours definitely did.

Author Reply: Yes, it was in a previous MEFA and if I'm remembering right, didn't get any comments at all. So of course your encouraging words are much appreciated.

LOL about the Elves. I have a hobbity fixation, myself. I will very occasionally read Elf-centred stories (such as those by Bodkin or Nilmandra) or man-centred (I am brain-dead tonight and cannot think of any author but Boz4pm and yet I know there are others), but hobbits, if they are not written as fools (unless, of course, they are fools), are what I tend to read. When I have reading time, that is. At the moment I'm too busy to read much, and haven't had time to write at all since Christmas holidays were over.

Ah, well. Summer's coming.

Hope you enjoyed the rest of the story, and thanks for taking the time to seek out the story (Marta told me) and leave feedback.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 16 on 7/14/2006
Pippin shrugged. 'O I don't know. Kingly stuff, I suppose. Polishing his crown, practicing walking without tripping over his royal robes and whatnot.'

Sums it up nicely.

And it's a stupid law. A seriously stupid law. Everybody is skipping with glee that Faramir was saved - the very idea of executing the person who made it possible is ... absolutely typical of men.

I suppose it's a good thing that Pippin didn't know until now - although it was a dreadful burden for Merry.

Thank goodness Aragorn was able to come up with a solution that worked! And fitted Beregond's actions, too. But that wait - from the siege all the way through until after the coronation - must have been appalling for Beregond and his family. I expect Bergil's scarred for life!

I can see Merry enjoying this celebration even more than Pippin will.

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 16 on 7/13/2006
'Beregond...' Pippin murmured, wiping at his eyes with a hand that trembled, for some reason. 'I don't know what to say.'

'You, speechless?' Beregond laughed. 'This is an historic occasion!'

Wow! I feel like Pippin :)
What a tension! And then it resolves into laughter!
A perfect ending, Lindelea.

And the last sentence made me really happy:

As they walked from the garden, Merry joined in the laughter. He fully intended to live up to his name.

Thank you! You made my day!

demeter dReviewed Chapter: 16 on 7/12/2006
A lovely touch, to use the final chapter of "To See Justice Done" which was from Sam's point of view, anf re-work it to see through Merry's eyes. Even though it seemed more and more familiar with each word, I still found myself reading it with a lump in my throat until Beregond stepped into the Garden. Very nicely done!

Author Reply: Yes, I confess that I often lift scenes from stories in order to retell them from a different POV. Hope it's not too much like cheating, but it would be too cumbersome in a story to show *everyone's* viewpoint, so I keep revisiting.

Both "To See Justice Done" and "LifeWatch" lifted this scene from a very early story, "Choices", which tells the story of Beregond's and Pippin's friendship from Beregond's point of view, all the way to their parting as the hobbits ride north.

Glad that the scene still had impact even though it was already familiar.


harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 16 on 7/12/2006
This ending is brilliant Lindelea. The garden seems such an appropriate place for people to wait for their loved ones. Sorry about the computer problems Lindelea.

Author Reply: I figured the garden must be a long-standing tradition. I can't see Denethor setting it up. His wife, maybe. But it might have been there for centuries, for that purpose, for all I know.

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 16 on 7/11/2006
" 'Beregond...' Pippin murmured, wiping at his eyes with a hand that trembled, for some reason. 'I don't know what to say.'

'You, speechless?' Beregond laughed. 'This is an historic occasion!' He gave a last hug to his family, then gently shook them free. 'Come, let us leave this place,' he said. 'We don't belong here.'

He looked at Pippin. 'Master Perian, are you still sick of celebrations, as I heard you say the other day?'

'No, Pippin said huskily, and cleared his throat. I think I could manage one more,' he added, his voice clear, strong and glad.

The guardsman grinned. 'Good. We have something to celebrate after all.' His gaze encompassed the other hobbits. 'Bring your friends; we'll show them how we guardsmen make merry.'

As they walked from the garden, Merry joined in the laughter. He fully intended to live up to his name."

A thousand Bravos!! :) :) Thunderous applause!!! MEWD, dear Lindelea :)

Author Reply: Ah, yes, all the angst was worth it when we reach the conclusion. Whew. If I didn't have the ending clear in mind I don't know that I could write the middle.


Thanks for your encouragement.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 16 on 7/11/2006
What a wonderful ending to a wonderful story. *hugs it*

Author Reply: *story hugs shirebound back*
*author does too*
*group hug! Anybody else?*

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