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Black Eyes  by Lialathuveril 42 Review(s)
whitewaveReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 6/24/2008
Enjoyed this story immensely, I liked it the best, and believe me you make it so difficult to choose which one is the best!

Author Reply: Hello Whitewave,
once again, many thanks for your reviews! It's really nice to hear about this story again after all this time - it brought back all the fun I had writing it.


whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 9 on 6/24/2008
I only just realized the significance of the title and its connection to Lothy's eyes and Eomer's injury. Very clever! Loved the dialogue between them here--it underscores very much that they'd make a good team. The ending scene of the chapter was adorable.

Author Reply: Yes, black eyes all round ;-) And I think they'll make a formidable team - Rohan will never be the same again.


whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/24/2008
Yes! More Amrothos moments! Methinks he could be psychologist if he lived in the present time. He's Eowyn's counterpart in the matchmaking category. Loved Lothy's make-over moment and Eomer's reaction to it.

Author Reply: Nothing like a good bit of sibling advice. But Lothiriel only puts on her pretty dress because she can't have him going back to Rohan with the wrong impression. Nothing else behind it ;-)


whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 7 on 6/24/2008
Loved the confrontation between Imrahil and Eomer and then you make him face Aunt Ivriniel (I don't agree that she's a poor defenseless old woman though)! Poor Eomer has been sorely mistreated by the "Dol Amrothians".
The whole "cloak" routine was priceless!

Author Reply: It's true that Eomer had to go through a lot on his visit to Dol Amroth! Probably made facing Sauron's armies at the Black Gate look like a walk in the park. In fact the Dol Amroth family seems to specialize in defenceless females, each in her own way...


whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 6 on 6/24/2008
The image of Lady Eileniel was so vivid in my mind. Laughed out loud on her first guess as to who attacked Eomer!

Author Reply: Ah, the jelly fish lady! But she met her match in Lothiriel.

whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 5 on 6/24/2008
Haha! The sexiness of this chapter is one of your best so far! It's like they're in a blind date and their real personality emerges further. I adored his comment about his hair that started with "to a barbarian like me..."

Their discussion about Rohan's needs and resources really had me hanging on to every word and it also demonstrates to me how perfect they are for each other.

Author Reply: Hmm, actually 'Blind Date' would have been an apt title for this as well, because neither one knows the other and they just get thrown together. And he does like to tease her, doesn't he!


whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/24/2008
Eomer's injury was priceless! Who could have thought that a mere girl can do that to the formidable Lion of Rohan? His reply to her was such a work of genius too: "You happened to me." That's about the equivalent of "You complete me" in my humble fangirl romance meter. It's nice to know that the pink gown "nearly bowled him over".

And the location! I wish I had thought of it--a marooned-in-an-island romantic comedy set in Middle Earth!

The way Lothiriel "confessed" her malintent was also very, very smart writing, the characters are such experts in winding up each other and their common interest of war books was much appreciated as well.

I also think the double entendres (or is it just my ever-in-the-gutter mind?) "you are well equipped" indeed.

Author Reply: Lol. I didn't notice that double entendre before. Must have been my subconscious! And she really slipped under his guard here ;-)


whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/24/2008
I will never get tired of saying that I absolutely loved the quotations at the beginning of every chapter!

whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/24/2008
Laughed out loud at all the outrageous lies that Lothy baited poor Eomer with, but I liked the "discreet arrangements" the most! I could almost imagine Eomer's facial expression--he must have wanted very much to wring her neck. I also enjoyed the good-willed "conspiracy" of her relatives against her designs. Loved this one, is there a level higher than 'favorite'?

Author Reply: Eomer showed enormous self-restraint here, didn't he! She really did her best to put him off, but of course she didn't know about his ulterior motives. I do sometimes wonder, though, what alternative ways this scenario could have played out. Say if they had not gone riding the next day.


whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/24/2008
This is among the funniest stories you have written about my favorite mortal couple. I especially liked the quotations you placed at the beginning of every chapter--very clever and makes me so excited to read the contents. I liked how Lothy compared her pink dress to a warrior's armor. She must have looked like a sight though, it's good that Eomer has seen far, far worse scary stuff. :-)

Ivriniel's incarnation here is among the most entertaining so far--she and Belechtor are my favorite "funny" baddies now. Anca is delightful as well and thanks very much for any mention of Amrothos!

I enjoyed how Lothy still manged to stand out and catch his attention even if she wanted just the opposite. The overall theme of battle, war, verbal sparring, etc. reminded me of Pride and Prejudice and I enjoyed reading this very much.

Author Reply: Hello Whitewave,
actually I had tons of fun writing this. It started with the idea of the pink dress and was all downhill from then on! Especially once Auntie Ivriniel made her first appearance. I liked her so much, I decided to include her again in a later chapter.

But I don't know where the very martial theme came from. It did fit the story very well, however, especially once I remembered Sun Tzu.


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