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O The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night  by Lindelea 81 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 999999 on 8/25/2009
Rereading for the MEFAs, and enjoying it even more this time through! Still wonderful, Lin! See you soon!

Author Reply: Thanks!

(Haven't had time even to look at the MEFA listings yet... Every year I think I'll be less busy but things seem to get more busy as they go on...)

Looking forward to seeing you!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 999999 on 2/3/2009
The Burl Ives' version is playing in my head now! Heh!

Thanks for the words!

Author Reply: Yes, I think the Burl Ives' version is the tune I know best, and the one we sang at camp.

The words here are a little different, but middlest and I just sat here and sang the whole through, with the words we know best.

(Saying, "Daddy, you'd better go back again, for it must be a mighty fine town-o, town-o, town-o," saying, "Daddy, you'd better go back again, for it must be a mighty fine town-o!")

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 25 on 2/3/2009
Trust Bilbo to have given this young Hobbitess reason to rejoice ere the day grew older, and to have seen to it that his Took connections--and Brandybucks--all had more ribbons and laces than they'd looked to purchase in the next year! Heh! LOVE it!

Thanks so for a wonderful story and a more wonderful title, now it's properly christened! And see you soon!

Author Reply: You're welcome!

Whew, glad it's finished at last.

Looking forward to seeing you!
(And thanks!)

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 999999 on 2/3/2009
I love the new title! It's wonderfully appropriate, for all the reasons you state, and for one more: in Ellen Kushner's Public Broadcasting radio program, "Sound and Spirit", she once devoted an hour to music inspired by LotR--and in it, she revealed that she had always imagined Sam's troll song "Troll Sat Alone" to be sung to the tune of "The Fox Went Out"!

Author Reply: I hadn't heard that program, but want to know something? have I. Every time I read that poem (most recently, while crafting that chapter in Bill the Pony's story), I hear it in my head to the tune of "The Fox Went Out".


DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 25 on 2/3/2009
Oh, Lin! Lin! LIN!!!! What an utterly perfect perfect ending for my beautiful story! I'm grinning and bouncing all over the place!

All the Big Folk and Little, gathered in perfect understanding of things like cousins and sisters and special blankies. I adore fierce Nell--no neither Merry nor Pip would dream of crossing her. (and I loved the line about sisters and Orcs, thank you very much!)

And the ending, with Bilbo replacing all of the frills and furbelows lost at the beginning! *whee!!!*

*happy sigh* Now I must find the time to read all of it front to back at once!

*hugs story close* "MINE!*

Author Reply: Awww. So pleased.

(I had forgot when I posted the chapter, that Pippin hadn't heard this story before, so I had to go back and do a little tweaking on the chapter. Of course he would have heard of the magic bag of frills! There's a story that bears re-telling when a family's gathered together reminiscing!)

*sigh* At last you have your birthday present, in whole.


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 24 on 1/21/2009
Ah--the girls' actions have been blest, and now he rests. And now one quite appreciates just what called him back! Bless Pimpernel and Rosemary!

And our beloved Frodo is recovering too, and now all are able to rest and relax at last.


Am looking forward to that last chapter, of course--and another chapter of Thain!

Author Reply: LOL! Well, Thain is percolating again, so keep thinking good thoughts.


DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 24 on 1/21/2009
Aww...I love seeing the little lasses as unsung heriones! And those little "half-truths" to spare the grown-up's worry! *grin*

But I wonder how Ferdi feels about his wife telling everyone he couldn't sleep without his blankie, LOL! I hope Merry and Pippin don't tease him too dreadfully about it.

Author Reply: *hugs* Just one chapter to go, I think!

...and if I'm remembering right, Pimpernel is older than both Pippin (of course) and Merry. I wouldn't want to tangle with her, if I were one of them. *g* Perhaps there will have to be a word to the wise... Am outlining the last chapter now, so it's worth considering. The thought had crossed my mind, actually, about the potential for cousinly teasing, or not, as it were.

Hope I'm making sense, I've had too much coffee and too much chocolate today. Bad combination. Makes me type faster than my brain works.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 23 on 1/13/2009
Bless Nel for her sense and inventiveness and encouragement, and Rosemary for her patience and persistence, and the hired hand for his perception! And soon Ferdi will have his blankie back, and all will once again be right with the world as Merry recovers from his injuries!


Author Reply: It will be such a relief for wee Ferdi to have his blankie back!

Got to go and cuddle youngest now, as she had an unfortunate close encounter with scalding coffee tonight. I wish we'd gotten ice on it quicker than we did, but now that we're home I'm going to bind up the burns with honey so they'll heal quicker.

Looking forward to your visit!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 23 on 1/13/2009
Oh, good! I was feeling so badly for the poor lasses toiling along; I'm so glad they are found. This has been such a delightful story--I'm almost sorry to see it wind down!

Author Reply: So am I! But all good things must come to an end sometime. (Bad things too, thankfully!)

Am in an odd mood tonight. Went to Krispy Kreme to celebrate with their free inauguration donuts, and they had ten cent coffee too! And youngest wee hobbit (who drinks coffee, even tho we tell her it'll stunt her growth) managed to spill her scalding coffee on herself resulting in 2nd degree burns, poor lamb.

The manager was so worried, he kept bringing us things. First aid spray. Gauze pads. Triple antibiotic cream. Medical tape. A dozen free donuts. Whew.

It wasn't the restaurant's fault, but of course in today's society I guess he didn't want to take any chances.

SilmerinaReviewed Chapter: 22 on 1/9/2009
*leaves encouragement to continue...* (plus puppy dog eyes)

Author Reply: Very difficult to resist those puppy dog eyes, you know.

Thanks! Encouragement always welcome.

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