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O The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night  by Lindelea 3 Review(s)
harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 19 on 7/8/2008
Not quite the end but I am glad that they are safely reunited with their fathers. And great the Strider can understand Ferdi's fears. I don't actually want this to end.

Author Reply: I know, I always get that feeling near the end of a story, which is why it takes me so long to finish anything. *sigh*

But at least the ideas are flowing again, which bodes well for other unfinished stories.

Thanks for stopping by and dropping a note!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 19 on 7/7/2008
Beautiful and realistic rescue, and so real a fear in young Ferdi! And the thought of our Bilbo carrying his own lad home--yes, oh yes--I can so see it!

Author Reply: Yes, I love the image of a fatherly Bilbo (which likely comes out in times like this, most especially when Frodo's not really capable of appreciating the fact).

Poor little Ferdi, he probably thought they were in really really big trouble. On top of everything else that had happened. And he was awake all night guarding Merry, and then Frodo poked him with a stick and yelled fierce and threatening things at him. Poor little fellow, must've been awfully bewildered and terrorized. *sigh*

So glad we're at the threshold of the happy ending.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 19 on 7/7/2008
Oh Lin! So glad to see the little ones safely out of danger, and in their fathers' arms at last!

I loved Bilbo quietly advising everyone, seemingly ignored, yet they still did what he suggested--even if he didn't get credit for his ideas, LOL! And carrying his lad, just like the other fathers.

And you came back to the fire and the telling of the tale once more!

*happy sigh*

Author Reply: Yes, and am trying to wrap up all the loose ends, now. Whew. Got to concentrate. Let me know if I miss any, and I'll try to weave them in?

So glad you enjoyed the nuances!

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