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On the Wings of the Storm  by Lialathuveril 272 Review(s)
SimplegirlfromLPReviewed Chapter: 31 on 5/30/2020
What a wonderful story, at first I didnít think it would work, but I was captured from the first. I loved this story and could t out it down. Thank you for writing and posting it.

Author Reply: Thank you! I'm so pleased to hear the story managed to capture your interest and that you enjoyed reading it.

SimplegirlfromLPReviewed Chapter: 31 on 5/30/2020
What a wonderful story, at first I didnít think it would work, but I was captured from the first. I loved this story and could t out it down. Thank you for writing and posting it.

EilenachReviewed Chapter: 12 on 3/10/2010
Excellent chapter! You've woven a great Eomer/Lothiriel tale by placing them together when Grima still had sway at Edoras. I've been trying to think of another way out for Lothiriel, and briefly thought of having her confess everything to Eomer and then they could pretend to have had an argument while secretly knowing that it was all an act. But everyone is so close at the Golden Hall, and Grima has spies, that it probably would not have worked -- and that's assuming Eomer could hold his temper and act a part! So I think that Lothiriel leaving is for the best at this time.

obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 31 on 4/30/2009
That was a very satisfying ending to a great story. This story accompanied me for so long. Unfortunately, I was buried in RL the last couple of month so I couldn't read. But it was worth the wait. Now I had several chapters together to read. I like your Lothiriel which in each story of yours is unique. The same is true for Eomer. I loved the twist on the standard wedding customs. Talk about blending traditions.

Author Reply: Hello obsidianj,
nice to have you back from RL! I love to pursue the 'what if..' of different situations they could have met and of the different characters they could be - although for some reason they always end up squabbling ;-)

So thanks for taking the time to review and letting me know you enjoyed the story. And take care RL doesn't swallow you up again!


GalimerilReviewed Chapter: 31 on 2/28/2009
I can't believe that it's over! This was such a pleasure to read! I wish you the best of luck when you move, and the best of health to bless your new domicile! You are an incredible writer, and I hope you realize that! Au revoir for now!

Galimeril ;)

Author Reply: Hello Galimeril,
it was a bit strange for me as well to reach the end, as these two have lived in my mind for over a year. It's great to hear that you enjoyed the story - and thanks for your good wishes. The flat already looks like a bomb has hit it, a good sign ;-)


AlquawendeReviewed Chapter: 31 on 2/17/2009
A lovely chapter, Lia! I pity poor Ivorwen. It must be so uncomfortable for her. What I really like, Lia, is that you've tied everything together and didn't leave loose ends in the story. I'm glad you continued this story, even when you realized the length it would have to be. Thanks for writing!

Author Reply: Hello Alquawende,
I feel a bit sorry for the maid myself, but I think she'll soon take up the offer of comfortable retirement in Gondor. And it's good to hear you enjoyed the tying up of all the various loose ends.

Thanks for reviewing!

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 31 on 2/17/2009
This has been a wonderful story.I've eagerly awaited and enjoyed every chapter and will miss it.This is one of the few stories that if it were a book in the shops I would happily buy it.
Wishing you all the best with your move and future projects.I hope you will feel tempted to return to M-e someday.

Author Reply: Hello Linda,
thank you so much for your kind words! I am sure I will return to Middle Earth every now and again, although perhaps not for another long tale. But then you never know!

Thank you for reviewing and all the best for you own writing projects.

CuthalionReviewed Chapter: 31 on 2/17/2009
Ah - beautiful conclusion. The thought that there will be a garden makes me smile, and there is even an heir on the way! It's delightful to see these two happy and whole - thank you so much for this beautiful story!


Author Reply: Hello Mona,
you know how much I like Eomer, so of course I wanted to give them a suitably happy ending. And Lothiriel is catching up with Nimphelos ;-)

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement - right from the beginning!

whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 31 on 2/16/2009
Hi Lia,
I enjoyed this immensely--it's great to see that they are happy and content after all they went through! It's good too that Erchirion will stay longer in Rohan, but what of Amroth? I'm also looking forward to reading your short Eomer and Lothy scenarios and hope that things move smoothly during your move.

PS. I added your gmail to my contacts list using my real name just now. I would love to hear updates about your novel.

Thanks for a wonderful story.

Author Reply: Hello Whitewave,
I'm not sure what will happen to Amrothos, but I get the feeling that he'll go on chasing the ladies for a while longer. And perhaps pay some visits to Rohan to see his siblings?

For the next few weeks I'll be busy with my move, but I hope to start writing again once things calm down a bit. There's still that abduction scenario floating round in my mind ;-)

Thanks for reviewing and I'll keep you posted if I ever get on with that original story.


Elena TirielReviewed Chapter: 31 on 2/16/2009
Ah, a satisfying end, Lia! It's good to see what happened to so many of the interesting OCs we've seen... I especially enjoyed that Beorngar was appointed Captain of the Queen's Guard... so fitting! LOL!

I really enjoyed this lovely tale, and am sorry to see it end. Thank you for sharing it with us!

- Barbara

Author Reply: Hello Barbara,
it's true that I had quite a few loose threads to tie up in this chapter! And when I first introduced Beorngar I had no idea that he'd stay in the tale until the end, but now that appointment is rather fitting, isn't it.

And it's been a pleasure writing for you all. Thanks for reviewing!

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