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The Rescue  by Lindelea 2 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 3 on 4/8/2010
Seems to me the ones eating them out of smial and home are the ruffians who've come to like her baking! Excellent acting by Rosemary--and by Estella. And so wonderful to see something on this one again!

Author Reply: You're exactly right! The ruffians were the topic of that conversation, not Estella, though Estella didn't overhear enough to know that. The pantry's getting low, and Rosemary knows that it's the ruffians' custom to "drop by" on Baking Day, if not several times a week. The rumour of fever kept them away for a week, but won't last forever.

Rosemary was scared stiff to refuse the ruffians, but she did it so graciously, and with such open honesty and regret, that Scar and Three-fingers were wise enough not to kill the goose laying the golden-brown-and-delicious eggs, but to defer their demands.

Whew, getting too wordy--must be time for readaloud.


DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 3 on 4/8/2010
Ah! Rosemary's so brave and clever and such a good little actress, LOL! You'd think she actually cared about those three Ruffians! She's setting a great example for Estella/Twig!

BTW, I don't think I told you what a perfectly hobbity nickname "Twig" is, not to mention clever! It's the kind of nickname that certainly does not lend itself to thinking the person so named is a lass and not a lad!

So fun to see more of this!

Author Reply: Rosemary's an interesting character. She has a healer's heart, and can honestly feel pity even for a ruffian, even as she's actively working against him and his kind. She can despise his actions and choices, and yet something in her recognises the divine spark, the fact of personhood, that at some past time in some place the Man was very likely a bouncing, fresh-faced babe.

She might wonder what set them on their course, and be honestly bewildered, and even see their behaviour as extreme naughtiness rather than wickedness. (What would make a person behave so?) In her hobbity way, she cannot imagine neglecting or abusing a precious little one, and so she is speaking truth when she imagines them missing their mothers... She may be a little naive, but her ability to discern truth gives her a measure of protection the other hobbits lack.

She has not come face-to-face with evil, yet (and won't, really, until Ferdi is hauled off to be hanged), for Hally shields her from the worst he hears, and the ruffians, though free in their gossip, are somewhat restrained in her sweet and generous presence.

Whew, can you tell I've been having tea with Rosie, the past day or two? I like her better the more I get to know her! (LOL)


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