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Longing in his eyes  by Ellynn 6 Review(s)
anonymouse (newly christened Maglor fangirl)Reviewed Chapter: Prologue on 4/2/2020
Maglor is the worst elf to be a fan of. Not a single story ends happily. I just finished a small bar of frozen yogurt at THREE in the fucking MORNING. THREE! I HAVE SCHOOL TOMMOROW!

Don't take this the wrong way. This is beautiful writing!

Author Reply: I really hate the fact that notifications don't come to my mail, so I see this only now.
Thanks so much for the review! And if you ever read this, know that I wrote three happy-Maglor stories! You can find them among my latest works :)

LarnerReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 11/1/2009
The idea that he wonders if he is already really dead, experiencing but a dream of life, is heartrending.

Author Reply: After so many centuries in loneliness, it's no surprise that he would feel that way. :(
Thanks for reading and reviewing.

ErulisseReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 10/31/2009
If Maglor is still in Arda and still away from the straight road, then I truly feel sorry for him. Ages have passed and he is still lingering. Great evil was done for the acquisition and re-acquisition of the Silmarils, but Maglor seemed to have rediscovered his "humanity" by sheltering and helping to raise the twins - Elrond and Elros. I find it hard to believe that Eru would not take pity on him when he finally allows himself to fade and enter Mandos' Halls. Well crafted tale of a character who always evokes pathos.

Valar valuvar. - Erulisse

Author Reply: As I said to Jay, I also feel sorry for him and I hope that he will be allowed to go home soon; he has done some evil things, but he repented and I think his punishment lasted long enough. I tried to imagine how he would feel in the end of this long period of loneliness.
Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 10/31/2009
This is beautiful, yet so full of longing. Poor, lonely Maglor. I hope the Valar take pity on him and bring him home soon.

Very sad and poignant - and I like that it's set on a beach in south-west England, where I live! I must look out for him next time :)

Author Reply: Well then, give my greetings to ocean sea-gulls and a certain lonely elf. :) I also hope he will go home soon.
Thanks for reading and reviewing, I am glad you like it.

Laikwal‚ssÍReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 10/30/2009
what a sad and touching story. I feel pity for Maglor. I always liked him best of all Feanors. After so long he should finally be released to return home. Thank you for writing this little jewel. Lai

Author Reply: I've never been a fan of Feanor's family (except Nerdanel), and that is very mildly said, but just like you, I think that Maglor is better than the others. So, as I don't like them much, I never thought or planed to write a story about any of them, but the theme of the contest (Remembrance) gives so many different possibilities, and the idea came so suddenly, without planing. And as it came, of course I was happy that the muses had visited me and I wrote this. I'm glad you like the way I tried to portrait Maglor's thoughts; thank you for reading and reviewing!

EllieReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 10/30/2009
This is beautiful and so sad with the fading of the memories. Elves dwell much in memory so maybe "fading" is when those memories finally go away. How old must Maglor be now? How pitiful and sad for him.

nicely done!

Author Reply: Ok, I must admit that I am not an expert on the elves, so I can't really say what "fading" would look like precisely. While writing this story, I imagined that, after living so long and after all that happened to him - after ages and ages of loneliness - Maglor would probably feel empty in the end. His destiny is really sad.
Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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