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Boring Afternoon  by Ellynn 1 Review(s)
MarianelReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 7/3/2020
What a lovely story ! And what a happy and cheerful family! What if Denethor could have been this way for always! I loved your depicting of him especially❤️😌👍🏽At least Denethor remembered before he died his terrible death. And Mitrandir reminded Faramir of it.Faramir and Boromirs family is enterily too little written about. Thanks to you we see a possible background story. I hope it was this way😀❤️! Im reading through all your tales currently.Thank you for writing such amazing stories! Best regards from Sweden

Author Reply: Arghhhh, one more review I see so late because notifications don't work. :(
Thank you so much for the review!!!

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