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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie  by Lindelea 3 Review(s)
shireboundReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/16/2014
What a delightful story, and so very hobbit-y. I love it when hobbits can instruct the Big Folk on their customs.

Author Reply: What fun! I wonder what other customs I can drag in... Will have to re-read Miss Dora's book, perhaps.


DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/16/2014
LOL! *grin* Not so easy as Frodo thought it would be, is it?

I have a couple of thoughts, but perish forbid I put them in Frodo's head; it's so much fun to watch him flounder...

Author Reply: LOL! Now you have me curious, although this story is outlined and written in draft to the end. (It's already undergone one revision, though, when a totally unexpected twist popped up in response to a review...)


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/16/2014
Beregond is such a wise individual, and obviously better than Merry at making certain he doesn't drink too much. Finding someone else to take the pup would be a perfect solution, I'd think.

(And you had to have Sam mistake Frodo that way? Heh!)

Author Reply: I do love Beregond -- he's the whole reason I first started writing fanfic. I would love to see more of him, written in the spirit of his portrayal in the original, but I haven't seen much.

Good Sam, he can be rather literal. I would love to be able to wrap up each chapter with a joke or pun (rather after the fashion of "Going, Going, Gone") but don't know if the Muse will be so obliging. The jokes in that story, after all, originated as teases, one at the end of each review of a chapter of a JoDancingTree story, and only after all those "teases" had been written, after her story was done being posted, did they grow into the "Going, Going, Gone" story...

Sadly, I do not have a ready supply of one-liners just waiting for a story, at the present time. I will have to just see if inspiration strikes while transitioning from draft to final copy. At the moment I'm exhausted, so it doesn't seem likely.

But this story will have a bit more of Beregond, and that makes me happy.

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