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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie  by Lindelea 3 Review(s)
Diana Reviewed Chapter: Prologue on 7/15/2015
What kind of dog was Zoe? We have a 120 lb german shepherd so I understand about big dogs! I am really liking this story,

Author Reply: Zoe was a Giant Schnauzer. She had a tall, slim build, and so at 85 lbs was larger than our large German Shepherd or Labradors had been. She was considered quite tall for a Giant female.

Her successor "Pandemonium", oddly enough, is even larger -- nearly 100 lbs and not a bit of fat, taller than Zoe, and still growing. (Some days she can eat four pounds of meat and bone, plus scraps, and still be looking for more. They tell us when she stops growing, she'll settle for about a pound a day.) But Panda's father was enormous, so it's not surprising.

Thanks! I'm glad to hear from you.

Lossenchristal2Reviewed Chapter: Prologue on 5/17/2014
Hi Lindelea, I just wanted to let you know that it is not just you that is having trouble with posting new chapters recently! I have been following a lot of your stories and I LOVE your style and the way you write Pippin! :) I first noticed this week when I would check on SOA for new chapters that I would get that "Internal Server Error" page on ALL recent additions, not just yours! I was frustrated, but thought it was a temporary site bug and hoped they would fix it soon. Then yesterday I discovered that while clicking on the chapter link for your 6th chapter of "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" would give me the error page, if I clicked on "View All Chapters" it would show me the story fine, INCLUDING the new chapter! I had the same experience with several other stories who had just added chapters. I can also do this with your attempt to add the new chapter separately - the chapter link gives an error, but the "view all chapters" button shows me the chapter perfectly.

So just to let you know that it was not your fault - it must be a bug that SOA hasn't fixed yet. Hopefully it will be cleared up soon! :)

Please keep writing & updating! I really enjoy your stories!

Thank you!
~Charity Sauve (Lossenchristal)

Author Reply: Thank you for your encouragement!

I have kept writing during the time the site was not working right, but I was afraid I might damage existing stories if I added chapters to them that apparently corrupted what was already there. Thankfully the problem did not do that kind of damage and things are working once more. Thus, I have material to post and will hope to resume posting at a steady rate again. After all, I do have a New Year's resolution I'm trying to keep...

Grey_wondererReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 5/2/2014
That was a lovely tribute to a dear pet and family member. I could just see the dog sitting on the sofa from your description. Zoe must have been a lovely animal and a true friend. I am sorry for your lost but very glad that you can take joy in her memory. That isn't always easy to do.

Author Reply: Thank you. She was the most amazing dog I've ever known, and we miss her dearly. We look forward to getting a puppy from the same bloodlines next month. While we know the puppy can never replace her, at least we can hope for a new life-long friendship to bloom.

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