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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie  by Lindelea 3 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 12 on 3/18/2021
To be bodily lifted and rushed to safety in such a manner would indeed have been a surprise to the gardener, and I love his realization that his message is moot for the moment. As for Frodo and Merry--that, too, is a surprise. But at least the Haradrim have been shaken from the battle-trance to a realization that something else is of more likelihood and importance for the moment at least than their own deaths. Now--to find the source of the horrifying cries for help! At least all are headed to find that locus!

Author Reply: It was a close call, I think, if the soldier didn't even pause or turn around, just scooped up the hobbit and kept going. Shaken from the battle-trance: excellent way of putting it! Yes, they are cognizant, now, which is a very good thing, for a number of reasons. And yes, very soon now, all the storylines will come together in one place. It's going to get a bit crowded, I think.

Thanks for stopping to leave a good word.

demeter dReviewed Chapter: 12 on 3/17/2021
So, part of what caused the chanting Haradrim to "shush" may have been a wave of power sent by Gandalf! Funny, that, once they realized they were near the source of "something wrong", Frodo and Merry's first thought was "Pippin!". It is sweet to watch how protective the citizens and Guardsmen of the city are of their Hobbits. Sam's response was well put..." guess Strider does not need my message"! Now, tho, will the King and his guard be able to slow down, and react in time to not re-aggravate the currently still and puzzled army? Not to mention go charging into the ruin and bring it all down on everyone's heads? Things are getting TENSE! A cliff-hanger worthy of our late, departed friend Fiondil.

Author Reply: Astute observation.

And that is high praise, indeed. Fiondil was high on my Favorite Authors list, and I remember waiting breathlessly for the next installment of the latest story to be posted. Thank you.

Glad you're along on this rather wild ride.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 12 on 3/17/2021
Oh my goodness, so much is happening at once. I'm eager to gallop quickly into the next chapter!

Author Reply: Oh, so am I! This one has definitely been fun to write. Thanks so much for coming along for the ride and stopping to leave a good word. (((hugs)))

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