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A Red Sun Rises  by Katzilla 1 Review(s)
LindaHReviewed Chapter: 6 on 6/18/2020
Katzilla, I always enjoy your work, but I see this has come to a halt. Is this because you haven't the time to complete it or are you just tired of the labour involved? I do hope that you come back to it as, like all your work, you manage to get the flavour of Middle Earth (although sometimes too film oriented for my taste)and you stories have more grit than the usual wet romances of Eomer oriented stories.

Author Reply: Hello Linda,

please excuse my late reply, I only saw it now.

Thank you for your kind words about my stories. I guess I am a bit film oriented, even if most of my stories are rather AU. I just like tension-filled, cinematic pieces, which is what I'm trying to write.

Actually, there are quite a few more chapters of this over at I stopped posting here because I felt that no one really cared for this story (lack of feedback).

Taking your review as a sign that maybe, I judged wrongly, I just now posted chapter 7 to see whether anything happens...

Kind wishes,

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