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An Unexpected Adventure  by KathyG 4 Review(s)
atealgirlReviewed Chapter: 2 on 11/12/2020
I smiled when I saw Merry and Pippin in the first line and figured the children would meet them soon. Good way to handle the existence of The Lord of the Rings by having the kids vaguely aware of it but not of anything important about the plot. I am intrigued by some of the reactions to God from those of ME and look forward to seeing what kind of conversations will arise about the topic.

Author Reply: Yeah, I decided long ago that the young woman who's a LOTR fan falling into Middle-earth has been quite overdone by this time. Since I love kids anyway, I decided that the protagonists would be children, and I felt that that it would work better if they had never read any of the books or seen the movies. Of course, they had to meet the hobbits! Merry and Pippin were good choices for that first introduction to a hobbit, don't you think? =) K.G.

Author Reply: We decided that it would be most logical if they knew a little bit--it is a main part of popular culture these days, but there are many people who have never read the books, nor seen the movies--but it would be hard to never have seen any references to LotR these days. But a vague knowledge from having seen trailers or occasional bits of the movie when channel surfing made it seem more realistic, and of course, Jen knew just a little more, since her best friend was a Tolkien fan. DF

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/24/2018

The hobbits are so hobbity. Merry brushing up his feet, and the doors and furniture so large and unwieldy for them, and the quantities of food, and the cousinly banter...

I was wondering how the collision of worlds would be handled. I've read the marvelous Don't Panic! and its sequel a couple of times each, where the new arrival knew the whole story, if I'm remembering right, and didn't understand the languages. In Fiondil's modern world, LOTR had never been published as a book, but it was real history from pre-historical times. And several other versions as well. This is the first I've seen where LOTR is a book/film but the characters only know of them and not what is in them. How curious it must be for the LOTR characters to hear themselves relegated to fairytale characters!

Author Reply: Yeah, it certainly is, isn't it? =) And I know how Fiondil handled it (I miss him! [sigh]

And it's true that unlike a humber of protagonists in "falling-into-Middle-earth" stories, the McClouds have never read any of Tolkien's works, and they've only seen bits and pieces of the movies on TV while channel-surfing. The elder McClouds, you see, are not into fantasy.

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/4/2018
Oh boy, the children mixing with the hobbits, especially Pip, is a recipe for trouble! But it seems like they've stumbled into trouble of their own, spilling their knowledge of Middle-earth to the others, little as it might be. No wonder Arwen has to talk to Gandalf and Elrond!

Author Reply: Yeah, really! At any rate, Kevin and Jennifer know only a little about Middle-earth, unlike certain characters in some "falling-into-Middle-earth" stories who are practically Tolkien experts! =)

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 7/30/2018
Now, this could be a pickle! Gandalf will especially be interested!

Author Reply: Yeah, really!

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