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An Unexpected Adventure  by KathyG 4 Review(s)
atealgirlReviewed Chapter: 10 on 12/1/2020
It is interesting to see Aragorn's reactions to the kids since he was away when they arrived. I hope Arwen or someone else will teach Jennifer how to fight too. I know it's a more patriarchal society, but if she's going on the quest she needs to know how to fight or she will get herself or others hurt. I like how Jennifer's thoughts as she went to bed are about how much in love Arwen and Aragorn are; whereas Kevin's thoughts are about the huge dangers ahead. I like how you handled them speaking Westron. I like how you didn't just assume it's the same as English nor the vague answer of magic as the solution. Having a real explanation based on what God has done in the past adds another layer of realism to this wonderful story.

Author Reply: Good point, and not to worry; Jennifer will learn to fight!

The only way the children could have been able to immediately speak Westron would have been if God gave them that ability. And since there is precedent in the Bible for Him doing that, it stands to reason that He would have done so for these young guests. K.G.

Author Reply: Yes, we did that on purpose because at that point, he would not have been there, and also to give a fresh perspective on the new arrivals. And yes, Jen needs to learn to defend herself.

As for the Westron, and God giving them the ability to understand, the only option besides that would be to have them waste all kinds of time learning to speak it. It would have held the Fellowship up! But we did not want to make things too easy--they can speak and understand Westron, which is conveniently English to us, but not Sindarin, and they cannot read it, since it uses a different alphabet.


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 10 on 9/14/2018
I love the inclusion of Radbook's influence in this story. And having Aragorn as their guardian is appropriate. Glad they're all learning riding skills as well.

Author Reply: I agree. And I hope that at some point, Radbook will come across this story, and that the administrators will permit her to post hers here!

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 10 on 9/4/2018
Ah! So Eru made it so they spoke Westron. I thought it must be something like that. :) I'm definitely glad they're able to communicate with the people of Middle-earth - this journey would be no use if they couldn't do that.

I'm so glad Arwen and her ladies will look after Kaylee, and Aragorn will be as a father to the older children while they're gone. Better Aragorn than Gandalf, considering what (probably) will happen to him...oh, now I've got myself wondering what will happen to the kids in Moria. I can't get ahead of myself! *shudders at the thought, though*

I'm so excited for more of this story!

Author Reply: I'm glad to hear that! Well, you'll find out. And when you think about it, their transport to Middle-earth was quite literally an act of God, and their ability to communicate with the people there would be another. And yes, they do need to be able to do that, at least verbally.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 10 on 9/4/2018
"And," Elrond added, "how do you know this gentleman made up his stories? Perhaps he, too, found himself here at some time. Or perhaps not. We do not know, but since you are here, then perhaps he was as well."

That's an interesting idea for everyone to ponder.

Aragorn will be such a wonderful mentor for the children!

Author Reply: It certainly is, isn't it? Of course, we as Tolkien fans know how he developed his mythology, but for the purposes of our story, we're going with the idea that it really happened. Since Tolkien wrote his mythology as an imaginary period early in our world's history, he left the door open for us fanfiction writers to do that, if we so choose.

And yes, Aragorn will indeed be a great mentor for the children!

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