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An Unexpected Adventure  by KathyG 3 Review(s)
atealgirlReviewed Chapter: 20 on 12/22/2020
I like how the whole group is encouraged from the kids' singing hymns. Even across the ages they can all still worship God together. I think it's interesting how you have athelas smell a different comforting smell for each of them. I wonder, based on how Galadrial looked at Joey and Sam, if Joey is going to end up going with Frodo and Sam to Mount Doom.

Author Reply: Nope, Joey's not going to stay with Frodo and Sam when the Company is split up. Keep reading, and you'll discover what he does end up doing! =)

Yes, the hymns the children sing are indeed comforting for everyone. K.G.

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 20 on 2/15/2019
Oh KathyG and Dreamflower! I'm sorry I'm so far behind on reviewing - RL came and slammed into me *hard*, and while I've been reading along faithfully, being coherent enough to review slipped past me. (I have, however, begun making a Disney YouTube playlist for chapter titles!)

I loved the songs sung in this chapter in praise of Eru and to seek comfort, mourning Gandalf, and I especially loved the journey into Lothlorien, meeting its Lord and Lady! You know how much I love Galadriel (obviously!) I'll do my best to catch up on reviews today.

Author Reply: I'm glad you're back, and I'll look forward to reading your other reviews! Hopefully, RL will be kinder to you after this.

Author Reply: I can't wait to get a chance to check out your YouTube channel with the songs! DF

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 20 on 11/7/2018
A beautiful choice of hymns. Certainly there is need for solace and for grief to be expressed and dealt with productively.

Author Reply: Yes, there certainly is. I agree.

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