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An Unexpected Adventure  by KathyG 5 Review(s)
atealgirlReviewed Chapter: 23 on 12/23/2020
I'm glad the parents are there now. It is interesting how the parents feel like their children just left a few minutes ago, whereas for the kids it has been months in which they have grown a lot. I like Elrond's astonishment at the technology of a mere toy. It will be interesting to see the parents' reaction when they realize just how dangerous the quest their other children are on is.

Author Reply: Yes, it sure will be, won't it? Steve and Gail have much to learn about their children, now that they're in Middle-earth themselves. Imagine how much more astonished Elrond would be, if he were to come to one of our modern-day cities! =) K.G.

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 23 on 2/15/2019
Well, the McClouds have reunited - at least the parents and their youngest! (And Lucy, of course!) And it seems I was right about Narnia time! Heh :) I thought so.

I'm so glad Kaylee impressed her parents, and I sympathize with the McClouds for not feeling quite at ease. It wasn't much easier for their children earlier! But they're settling in as well as they can, I think. I don't know how Kaylee will feel about soup from a can from now on! That winter soup does sound pretty good - it's cold today and I could do with some soup for lunch myself. Is there a recipe for it? :)

Author Reply: Yep, you were right!

As for whether there's a recipe for the soup, you'll have to ask Dreamflower. I dare say she can tell you if there is.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 23 on 11/27/2018
More impressive to him was the small stack of books Kaylee had laid to one side. He found it truly astonishing to see that books were so readily available.

What a nice detail.

I apologize for not reading or reviewing in awhile. Real life has pounced big time -- my father broke his hip and has been staying with me, and my mother (who already lived with me) fell and broke her shoulder just two days ago! I take care of them both, and it's been quite crazy here. I haven't had time to keep up with your story, but I'll try my best to at least review every other chapter from now on. It's lovely that the parents have arrived in Rivendell.

Author Reply: Ouch! Sorry to hear about your parents. I'm glad that you've been able to squeeze in some time to read some fanfiction! I'm glad you're enjoying the story--thanks!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 23 on 11/26/2018
Well, the whole family is now in Middle Earth, and the parents and Megan are at least reassured--somewhat, at least, and comfortable.

Author Reply: Yep, they sure are! Now, for the elder McClouds, all that remains is to be reunited with their other children.

ItseMeReviewed Chapter: 23 on 11/24/2018
First of all, sorry about the last "Review" after several atempts at leaving one that didnt't work, I grew tired of repeating my text and just tried Test... Figures that exactly that time it would work. But I have copied my text now, so I can try with the right text (should have done that immediatly).
Anyways, here's what I wanted to say:
I like your writing style and the general pace of the story- it goes forward, but takes time for dialogues and thoughts, and it doesn't repeat too much of the book. I like that.
I'm also intruiged by the idea of children comming to Middle Earth. It offers and interesting new perspective on the Hook characters and events, and I haven't read anything like it before- which ist always a Plus.
I have an little problem imagening the kids joining the quest though. It's just so umbelievable that they would ever Take kids. Though if they are sure Eru himself wants that, as you described, I guess they would, so I can't accuse you of "Out-Of-Character-ness". It's Just hard for me to make sense of it. I could just accept that, but here ist what really bothers me:
The way your story is written gives me the feeling the God-the Christian one- is a character in it and has an agenda in this story. I was interested in reading the musing and discussion about our (Well the Christian, who is also the one I Belieben in) God and maybe a comparission to Eru, but for Him to actually send visions and feelings in a fictive setting makes me uneasy. It's okay if the fictive god Eru does that and it's okay if the characters ponder about wheter He did it, but here I have the feeling like it is definitely our God and this is what He did. That doesn't sit right with me somehow- enough that I won't continue the Story and thought it is worth mentioning in a review. Mit for you to change the story- there are no real absolutes in these things and you didn't let God do anything that's against my believes, so I'm not complaining that much - but I think maybe a mention in the description that God is not only discussed, but clearly acting in the background, might be helpful to people like me.
But as I said, I like your style and theory principal idea, so maybe I will read other stories from you, just not this one.

Sorry for my rambling, and sorry ich I didn't make sense, and for any spelling and grammar errors. English is not my native language and while I am good enough at reading, writing is much more difficult (especially with a browser that wants to "correct" all words to words existing in ja mother language)
All theory best

Author Reply: Well, since Dreamflower and I are Christians, we made the decision to incorporate our faith into the story. And since Tolkien made the decision to set the story in an imaginary prehistory of our earth, long before the Bible was ever written, it makes sense to me that God would revert to the ways He used to communicate with people back in Old Testament times--dreams, visions, and whatnot. As for acting in the background, don't worry, He's doing that! It was an act of God that sent the children to Middle-earth, and He's guiding them in their actions and so forth. And He acted in the background of Tolkien's novel, TLOTR, although He was not seen as doing so in an overt way.

I'm glad you're enjoying the story, and I'm sure Dreamflower is, too.

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