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An Unexpected Adventure  by KathyG 5 Review(s)
LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 57 on 3/20/2020
I do like Lucy the puppy, and the way she injects herself into the scene, much like any number of writing companions I've had over the years. While the 100-plus-pound Alsatian insisted on climbing into my lap, the current oversized puppy has a way of repeatedly nudging the elbow of my mouse hand; it doesn't matter if I'm using the mouse with my left or my right hand - she knows to target the mouse. Lucy adds a lighter note to a heavy conversation.

I do find myself wondering if they're there to stay (like in another story on SoA that I found thoroughly absorbing), or if they'll be sent back. Somehow I can't decide which outcome I would wish for. I seem to be spending a lot of time in Middle-earth lately, and finding comfort there, even in the midst of trying circumstances. (Of course, I know how it all comes out, so that's a help.)

Author Reply: As you continue to read, you'll find out! =)

I'm glad you like the scenes that Lucy appears in. Yes, she certainly does, doesn't she? [g] K.G.

obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 57 on 1/5/2020
I finally had the time to get caught up on this story. It kept me glued to the screen for hours and now the last part is such a cliff-hanger. I just hope Steve will survive and the elves can work their magic on him. Gail will not be happy, but as long as Steve survives and heals she will be fine. Their daughters might have a more difficult time of it. Daddys are not supposed to get hurt.

Author Reply: Yeah, no kidding! Kaylee and Megan are going to need some support when they see that their daddy's been hurt.

SharonBReviewed Chapter: 57 on 12/6/2019
Oh dear. I do hope that Steve recovers from that I'm sure Gail will be quite upset even if he does. Eru will do as he bets feels in the situation, with help from the elves of course.

Author Reply: It won't be easy for Gail, and that's a fact! At least there are very good healers in Lothlorien. K.G.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 57 on 11/28/2019
Alas that this injury has been received! May another take out the archer who hit him, and may he awaken to find an Elven healer working on his wound. He's done pretty well, all considered.

Author Reply: Yes, he is. You will see how it goes for him in the next chapter that covers the events of that battle. K.G.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 57 on 11/26/2019
This continues to be an interesting story. (And of course I greatly enjoy any glimpses of sweet Lucy!) " an Istar, a Red Wizard who brought gifts of toys to children at the turning of the year" ... *grins*

Please give my love and regards to Dreamflower, who is greatly missed!

Author Reply: LOL! Well, that is the way a Middle-earth elf would understand the legend of Santa Claus, isn't it? =)

I'm glad you're enjoying this story! And I'm sure that Dreamflower is, too.

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