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An Unexpected Adventure  by KathyG 6 Review(s)
LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 60 on 2/11/2020
Oh, my. I'm so glad Steve will be all right and that Glorfindel is taking such good care of him.

She had already told the little girls that they needed to use their "inside voices" when they spoke to their father. Hah! It's the little details like this that bring a story to life...

Author Reply: Glad that the little details are accomplishing just that! K.G.

Author Reply: Thank you, Lin! It's really hard to try and figure out how to blend our modern people's way of speech into that of the speech around them. We try to make it as natural as we can, to keep it from sounding jarring.

We are happy Steve will be all right, too. DF

demeter dReviewed Chapter: 60 on 2/9/2020
I am often glad this site allows multiple reviews. The scripture quote; thou shalt not fear the arrow, ... or the pestilence that walketh in darkness... What a great description of Sauron and his minions! One of my favorite Fiondil pieces is the chapter from his "Tales from Vaire's Loom" titled "Breath of Arda". It shows Manwe and the Valar creating a wind to drive back the darkness with which Sauron shrouded Minas Tirith to aid his army's attack. As always, I am enjoying the way you story brings to mind threads from others.
(And again, the spell-check is going crazy!)

Author Reply: I, too, am glad that this site allows that, unlike certain others! I'm also glad you find the Scripture quotation to be apt. I've read Fiondil's "Breath of Arda." I love the idea that Manwe and the rest of the Valar were monitoring the situation in Middle-earth and were ready to give the beleagured races their aid as they did.

I know what you mean about the stupid spell check! K.G.

Author Reply: I recall that story as well. It was lovely! Fiondil is sorely missed.

demeter dReviewed Chapter: 60 on 2/9/2020
A couple more things. Fiondil used scripture quotes from some more modern Bible translations. Some people find the King James Version a bit hard. But my family raised me on that one. I feel that for times of trouble and doubt, the older language of King James seems more solemn, more respectful somehow. It seems just right for the serious time Gail finds herself in.
One more observation. Is anyone else's spell-checker as odd as mine? Typing my other review, it flagged Glorfindel, Lorien, and even Grandmama. But it did not bat even an electronic eyelash at Galadriel! Go figure.

Author Reply: I never could really get into the King James Version; modern translations are so much easier for me to read. I mean, yes, I can understand most of the words in KJV, but it is so foreign to the way we talk and write that it puts me off. As for the poiht you made, that's something Dreamflower and I will have to discuss. K.G.

Author Reply: I, on the other hand naturally gravitate to the KJV, having been brought up with that as a child. I don't have a problem with most other translations, since I recognize there are many ways to translate Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic, but the language of the KJV is more solemn and respectful to me as well. DF

demeter dReviewed Chapter: 60 on 2/9/2020
Well, Lorien has come through fire and battle. And things could have been worse for Steve. I agree with Glorfindel, Steve will heal more quickly with his loved ones near. A thought about Galadriel offering to take the girls; think about how old her youngest grandchild is at this time. If there have been few elflings born since Arwen's day, it has been a loooong time even for an Elven grandmother since there have been little ones there. I can't help but think that Galadriel will enjoy playing Grandmama for a time! Gail's musings on why her family had been called there reminded me of something. Since the beginning of your story, I have constantly been struck by parallels to Narnia's story. The Creator of many worlds had called some of his children from one world to use their own unique gifts to aid those in another. And, they learn about themselves and their own world in the process. The difference here, of course, is the parents came too. Come to think of it, tho, to the ancient elves they find themselves among, Steve and Gail seem like children too! And, my own musings on what the children have learned, which they would have been considered too young for at home. I remember a line from Romeo and Juliet. Juliet's mother and Nurse are trying to persuade Juliet to marry the young man her father has chosen. J protests that at 14 she is too young. Mom replies that she was Juliet's mother already when she was 14! Even as recently as our western migration here in the U.S.A, my Grandmas's grandparents day, children learned beside their parents as soon as they could follow them around. 20th and 21st century children enjoy long childhoods undreamed of in earlier times, and even in many Third World cultures now.

Author Reply: Good points, all of them! And I agree that Galadriel will enjoy having Kaylee and Megan in her care. Yep, she'll enjoy being a surrogate grandmother, if only for a short time, won't she? =)

I, too, have read The Chronicles of Narnia, so I know what you're talking about.

Yes, compared to the ancient elves, Steve and Gail do seem very young, don't they? =)

And good point about what children used to be required to learn. Gail is certainly learning that her children are capable of so much more than she ever gave them credit for. K.G.

Author Reply: The fact that children in other times or other cultures have many more responsibilities than the children of our pampered times was something I thought we could explore with this story. We have tried to show how difficult this is for Gail to deal with, as she seems to have been somewhat overprotective even for "our" day and time, while Steve is a little more practical and sees the importance of what his young ones are learning, in order to survive in this new situation. DF

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 60 on 2/9/2020
even when bad things happen, God can still help us to feel better about it.

That's a lovely thing to say, and giving the children a reminder of hope in this most perplexing and frightening experience in which they find themselves.

Author Reply: Yes, it is. It's most fortunate that Kaylee has her mother back, and that Gail is able to help her daughters through this hard time. They definitely need hope while they wait. K.G.

Author Reply: Yes, Gail has learned how to explain hard things in ways that young children can understand. DF

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 60 on 2/9/2020
A good portion of the Scriptures to remember at this time. All will be well with them, and they know that they are safe in spirit, if not in the body. Nice to know that the arrow itself didn't pierce him.

All caught up again! Hurray!

Author Reply: Yes, thankfully, Steve escaped serious injury. And yes, this is a good Bible passage for Gail to keep in mind as she waits. K.G.

Author Reply: We are glad the arrow didn't pierce him either! One of the reasons we made sure Steve had some nice sturdy Elven-made armor for the battle! DF

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