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An Unexpected Adventure  by KathyG 7 Review(s)
LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 63 on 4/3/2020
Then I shall wait. "Patience is a virtue", they say. I wouldn't know; I haven't been gifted with overmuch of that character quality, and I have a short attention span. I will wait, as they also say, with bated breath. LOL!

And now you have me pondering the art of crafting chapter titles. I find it a daunting prospect, myself, and often have to resort to games to keep from hitting a wall of writer's block simply because that blank chapter title field is staring me in the face! I once did an entire story with chapters named after Bach cantatas.

You're using Disney song titles for the most part, I think, though I don't recognize them all, so there may be another factor in your list as well. Or maybe I'm just not as well-versed in Disney/Pixar as I thought I was. I will keep checking back in hopes you've found a solution to the chapter title problem.

And now a perverse inclination arises to write a story based on chapter titles that are all nursery rhymes. I wonder what would come out of a hobbit story (or chapter) with the title "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe"...

Hope this finds you and Dreamflower well. Stay safe.

Author Reply: Yes, we are using those, as much as possible. I wonder what nursery rhymes you would use for chapter titles! =)

Good news--Chapter 64 is finally posted! So you can read it whenever you're ready.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 63 on 4/2/2020
How odd. SoA says this was updated today, but I don't see a new chapter? Was a chapter added somewhere in the middle?

Inquiring minds want to know... :)

Author Reply: [sigh] One was, but I had to temporarily take it down. I discovered that we unknowingly recycled a previously-used chapter title for our new one, and that's got to be changed before I can repost it. When that problem's been fixed, then you and everyone else will get a chance to read the new chapter! Hopefully, that won't be long in coming.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 63 on 3/24/2020
Sing and rejoice indeed! Whew, what a relief. Now to shift that troll!

Author Reply: Yes!! K.G.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 63 on 3/22/2020
The quest is fulfilled, the world is saved for the free peoples, and now the lost have been found under the troll. Now, to pull them free!

Author Reply: Amen to that, Larner! K.G.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 63 on 3/20/2020
Ooooh! And I forgot to put in a request for more Beregond! So there is that. I'll try and stop spamming you now.

Author Reply: LOL! That's quite all right. How much Beregond appears in what's left of our story will depend on the turns that it takes after this. K.G.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 63 on 3/20/2020
p.s. but then children heal much more quickly than adults, so it is possible that Kevin's recuperation would match Pippin's, depending on how "true to the original" or AU you are choosing to go.

Because this is such a comforting moment in the tale, I found myself reading it twice this morning. Blessings to both of you and those you love, and I hope this finds you and yours well.

Author Reply: Hopefully, that will be the case! We haven't yet written the sequences in which Kevin and Pippin recover, so we'll just have to discover that together. =)

I'm so glad you're enjoying our story! K.G.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 63 on 3/20/2020
The picture of Radagast and the little girls is heartwarming. How their greeting must have warmed his heart in that dark moment.

Good for Kaylee! I know how hard a habit thumb-sucking can be to break, especially because it serves as self-comfort, and she certainly needed some comfort at that moment, poor lamb.

(and a tremor ran through all the earth, and a sigh went up from all the lands around them) In one of my stories, I imagined that tremor and sigh were felt throughout Middle-earth, even as far away as the Shire... so I wonder if those in the Golden Wood in this story will feel it as well?

I know the film had reasons for Merry to be at the Black Gate, but I like the book's version of this moment so much better... (And Merry laughed aloud for joy. It was Frodo; he just knew it! Frodo and Sam had done it! That had to be what it was!) And the kiss! Wonderful!

And Legolas and Gimli, searching, and finding a hobbit's foot (and more). Legolas and Gimli searching is an image I also saw in my mind's eye when I was writing about this part of the story, though it's not hinted at in the original, so it must be fanon at the very least and not canon. Still, it seems logical. I am so glad this story follows book-verse and not film-verse. Although, if it took Pippin nearly two weeks before he was up out of bed (if I'm remembering right), which indicates serious injury, and Kevin as a human probably doesn't heal as quickly as hobbits, I do hope Kevin isn't terribly injured.

But thank you so much for letting Pippin slay his troll! I felt the movie cheated him on that point.

Author Reply: Yeah, well, we weren't about to deprive Pippin of that opportunity! =) He got to be a hero. Our story's a mixture of book-verse and movie-verse, and we chose to go with book-verse for these sequences.

True, the book only speaks of Gimli finding Pippin after the Last Battle (and then, only after the fact), but hey, Legolas could have been with him when he did! I see no reason why not. Fortunately, Kevin was conscious when they found him and Pippin, so hopefully, his recovery will be quick and without any complications. K.G.

Author Reply: And yes, I agree about Kaylee!

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