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An Unexpected Adventure  by KathyG 2 Review(s)
Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 74 on 9/23/2020
My dearest Dreamflower, and KathyG,

I'm so sorry for the absolute dearth of reviews, and also the difficulty updating the playlist (I can't remember where I left off, but YouTube was being persnickety and I remember giving up at one point; I'll certainly try again when I can!)

I've been rereading today, and enjoying the story thoroughly. I remain incredibly impressed by the McClouds' steadfastness in their faith, and it has helped to strengthen some of mine along the way. I'm eagerly awaiting their reunion, and what will come after! Since there will be no Scouring of the Shire as we know it, with Saruman and Wormtongue both done for, will there be other Troubles? I daresay Lotho would be unpleasant enough on his own, and I couldn't say what issues Saruman might have already started...will the McClouds be able to visit the Shire? I'd love for them to be able to see the Shire at peace before (if?) they go home!

I hope you're both doing as well as possible in the dark times we're facing IRL. I hope you continue to recover from that awful accident, Dreamflower, and I just wish I could be there to help you out!!

KathyG, hope you're well! I haven't forgotten SoA or either of you, or this story. I promise, I'll do my best to keep closer tabs on it!

Praise the authors with great praise! Eglerio! :)


Author Reply: Aww, thank you very much! And I'm glad you're back--we've missed your reviews!

Be nice if the McClouds COULD visit the Shire--they would certainly enjoy it there. But duty calls to them, alas, back home.

As for what comes after, and whether or not there will be other troubles, keep reading and find out! K.G.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 74 on 9/20/2020
This was indeed the time to rejoice. I'm from a different Christian tradition--I'd be singing Old One Hundred, myself! Heh!

Author Reply: LOL! You would, huh? =) And I agree it was the time to rejoice! K.G.

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