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The Thrum of Tookish Bowstrings, Part 1  by Lindelea 2 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 12 on 3/7/2020
Delightful images of Hobbits running over the traps while the Big Men fell into them! Heh!

Author Reply: I know, it makes me chortle wickedly... :D


MirkwoodmaidenReviewed Chapter: 12 on 3/7/2020

Hello! Again a wonderfully imagined chapter. I love the idea of The Tooks as leaders of the Resistance. Paladin Took was an amazing hobbit helping and protecting his Took brethren at the same time. All while being very worried about his own son off in the wilds of the world. And the Tooks were resourceful and effective. The "Ruffians" get everything they deserve. Wonderful story.


Author Reply: Hello! JRRT left some tantalizing clues to the Tooks that lend themselves to seeing them as a pocket of organized resistance, and that the longer they resisted, the greater the pressure on them grew, first from Lotho and then Saruman himself. (Freddy and his raiders were another, and Iíve imagined a red-haired Robin Hood-type character in the Northfarthing as well, though Iíve only barely mentioned him.) It has been interesting to imagine how they kept Men out, also remembering that Pippin returned to Bywater with 100 archers (if Iím remembering right; typing on my phone at the moment and too lazy to get up and look it up), all that Paladin could spare as he was leading another body of archers to scour out the ruffians in another area. If 100 was ďto spareĒ, how many did Paladin have marching with him on that occasion, I wonder?

Thank you for coming along on this journey and taking time to leave a good word!

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