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The Thrum of Tookish Bowstrings, Part 1  by Lindelea 2 Review(s)
Hai TookReviewed Chapter: 14 on 3/10/2020
Quite the history lesson Farry is getting! I'm enjoying hearing some of the things that Ferdi and the other Tooks went through in the defense of their home! Bravery all around! I am maybe a little lost. Is Ferdi calling Farry "young master" when he is giving into his wishes? A reminder that he is going to be the leader someday? I just wonder if this is going to stay a quiet ride through "no man's land"! Thank you for the read!

Author Reply: Excellent guess on the "young master"! It reflects their difference in status. When someone of lower status is not happy with a decision (or disagrees, or thinks it unwise) by someone of significantly higher status, they might express their disagreement by agreeing with extreme politeness. (Have seen this both in real life and in literature.) So yes! It is a reminder that Farry will be the leader someday.

Farry is in direct line to be Thain after his father, and Ferdi (though uncle by marriage) is just a "hired hobbit", much lower in the family hierarchy, at least in terms of status in the class-conscious world that JRRT drew from (the way he wrote the relationship between Frodo and Samwise, for example, and the deference Sam's Gaffer expresses towards gentlehobbits like "Mr. Bilbo").

And because this story has something of the nature of a roller coaster, it will have its quiet times (good for reflecting on history, and I hope all the "background" is not hard to get through), interspersed with more "interesting" (nail-biting?) times that are so important in character development.

MirkwoodmaidenReviewed Chapter: 14 on 3/10/2020

Hello! I love the historical flavor you give to this. All the thought that has gone into why Ferdi didn't carry a weapon back during the Troubles as opposed to why he is when he is out with Farry. It makes perfect sense. And True Paladin would probably not let Pippin out of his sight if he hadn't slipped off with Frodo.

Sad that the Hobbits don't really give Frodo the credit he deserves for what he did during the Ring War. If not for him all would have been lost.

I love that you show that Ferdi is a little disappointed in Farry when he doesn't want to make the entire trip after dark and that Farry picks that up. Farry is clearly a bright perceptive young hobbit, kinda like his namesake who was also bright and too perceptive for his father's comfort!

Throughly enjoying the story!


Author Reply: Thank you! I am fascinated by background, considering the richness and depth that JRRT established in the first place, and I hope I can manage to make it interesting rather than a dry and dusty history lesson. Y'know, it is truly sad that Shirefolk don't give Frodo as much credit for what he did in a faraway land, and yet it seems eminently hobbity to focus on what he did (and didn't) do in the Shire itself. The Shire is the only thing that is "real" to them, even as it seems like "falling asleep again" to Frodo.

I love that you pick up Ferdi's disappointment, and that Farry is perceptive enough to understand the nuances. Nice comparison with the Man Faramir, too.

I'm so glad you're enjoying the story! Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Author Reply: (Although Ferdiís disappointment has been slightly revised due to an upcoming plot point... such is life)

Author Reply: (Although Ferdiís disappointment has been slightly revised due to an upcoming plot point... such is life)

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