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The Thrum of Tookish Bowstrings, Part 1  by Lindelea 5 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 17 on 3/22/2020
At least Ferdi didn't go down without what might prove an adequate cushion. I hope he lands on the wolfish dog. And perhaps the others will now scatter in their confuaion!

Author Reply: LOL! Large, long-furred dogs who weigh significantly more than a grown hobbit certainly make a good cushion! (Speaking from experience)

Glad to hear from you, and looking forward to reading your next posting.

Hai TookReviewed Chapter: 17 on 3/18/2020
Oh no! What a cliffhanger! I'm glad Farry at least shot to the wolf-dog hopefully that means Ferdi will be okay in the pit! Yikes! Poor Farry and Ferdi what a trip this has turned out to be. Looking forward to Friday!

Author Reply: Cliffhangers can be so challenging, but they certainly add energy and motivation that drives towards a solution. Iím happy to say that this story is written far enough ahead not to leave anyone hanging. Eventually, anyhow.

Thanks so much for coming along on this journey and stopping to leave a good word.

MirkwoodmaidenReviewed Chapter: 17 on 3/18/2020

I was reading the other reviews. It is true everyone having to stay put maybe others will start writing again. Escapism is very important. The Professor believed in this greatly. It is why I came back to Stories of Arda to escape. And write and live in a world that I truly enjoy. A return to a vibrant writing community would be most joyful. Like you I have also been "away" from fanfic and I have seen some names that I remember, so wonderful.

I have written many an angsty story and still love to read them, but right now my muse just wants to write about people being happy. These are strange times we are living in. I too, have been told to stay home and self isolate. I think that right now online communities are so important so that people do not feel quite so isolated. So happy that you are writing again! We just have to take care of each other, even if that mean online and keeping each others spirits up. Glad you are hibernating!


Author Reply: Escapism is important. I didn't know the Professor's thoughts on the matter, though I do recall reading an essay about fantasy that he wrote, I think. It's too long ago. I should seek it out again.

I am so grateful for SoA.

I know about muses... for several years, I couldn't write anything at all, and the only way I wanted to imagine Ferdi was sitting contentedly on a blanket on a hillside with his Nell, watching the stars, or sitting comfortably in a parlour before a cheerful fire, sipping brandy or tea and either telling a story to their children, or (after the children were in bed) cuddling together, her head on his shoulder, or his head in her lap, or some such.

My near-and-dear doesn't even want me to go grocery shopping, we're that serious about this thing. So yes, all community has moved online for the time being.

So glad your muse is talking to you! I look forward to reading more of your postings!

MirkwoodmaidenReviewed Chapter: 17 on 3/18/2020

Once again "eeeek!"

Poor Farry, he is impetuous and headstrong. Well, he is his father's son. But he is also caring and intelligent, again much like his father. Though he hadn't pulled a bow well of late, I knew when it mattered his bow skills would reappear. I wonder if he felt this was a shot well done. Like you said when he was five though his arrows flew true, "It wasn't real"

Friday! Friday! I have to wait till then to find out what happens?! Oh. Okay. *she breathes a calming breath* :-))


Author Reply: Ah, yes. I wonder if all great leaders tend to be headstrong and impetuous in their youth? What scope for the imagination such a thought allows!

This Friday may continue a bit traumatic, but I've just finished finalizing next Friday's installment, and it has been quite a lot of fun, so you have something to look forward to.

As the healers were always telling Pippin before his miraculous healing, Steady breaths... in... out...

Thanks for the good word.

AnneReviewed Chapter: 17 on 3/17/2020
Friday is a long way away!!!

Author Reply: I used to say pretty much the same thing to Fiondil. Thanks so much for coming along on the roller coaster and pausing to leave a good word!

Author Reply: (p.s. you made my day!)

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