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Honour  by Lindelea 1 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 11/15/2020
Again, memories that needed to be brought to life once again as we remember that there are moments to fight, and then times to give up the anger and fury and battle-lust that we not destroy ourselves.

Thank you so for this!

May my current story finally make it to the site--it has been so long in the writing!

Author Reply: And your current story did make it to the site, and as promising a beginning as Iíve ever seen!

Part of the idea for this came from the reports of combat veterans (some of them relatives) and the memories that haunted them the rest of their lives, and the troubling suicide rate for veterans that testifies to their anguish. Knowing what the Professor said about hobbitsí respect for life, Iím glad he showed a glimpse of Frodo in the battle, saving the combatants from even worse memories. From his own and his companionsí experience, mingled with what he must have seen in soldiers of Rohan and Gondor in the months following the victory, I imagine he had some insight into what the hobbits at the Battle of Bywater were facing after peace was accomplished.

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