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Reclaiming Khazad-dm  by Ellynn 2 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 22 on 4/12/2021
I rejoice that Durin is able to connect so with the first of his name, the first of his line, the first Dwarf to waken in Middle Earth. And to see Durin's crown in this light! Delightful!

Author Reply: As I said to Shirebound, I don't think they are the same person (more in my reply to her ;) ).

Well, if you are interested to hear more about the first of that name and of the crown... I'll allow myself a little bit of SSP and say that "Story of Aule's firstborn" shows several vignettes about Durin I. :)

Thank you for the review! :*

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 22 on 4/11/2021
And if I send my thoughts across space and time, maybe he will be able, from his place in Mahal's halls, to see that I lead our people into reclaiming the ancient kingdom he had founded.

What a magical and marvelous thought. This is a very special and spiritual king.

Author Reply: It is implied that all seven Durins are connected, although I am not sure that Tolkien explicitely stated that it was re-incarnation. Anyway, my own opinion is that it's not one and the same person re-incarnated, but that all seven of them are strongly connected and that they can occasionally feel each other's thoughts and even memories.
Thank you, dear. :*

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